Anxiety & Panic Attacks In Kids

When we think about panic attacks, we wouldn’t generally associate them with children, but youngsters’s panic attacks are easily as real as those in adolescents and adults.  It’s not surprising that in youngsters suffer with anxiety and panic attacks in a modern world full of stress and pressures.  Often youngsters are unable to cope with the strain and stresses that are put on them.  As a consequence of this, anxiety afflictions and panic attacks are one of the most common psychological health issues influencing our youngsters today. 

It is an unfortunate fact that panic and anxiety attacks happen in kids.  It’s so upsetting because kids are so young and defenseless.  Most of the time it goes untreated because most adults believe that children bear no responsibility ( i.e.  Paying bills, going to work for example.  ) order kamagra and so should not be developing any stress.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Before panic attacks in children and teens is discussed.  A panic propecia buy cheap attack itself must first be identified and defined.  From the american Academy of kid and Adolescent psychoanalysis panic attacks are described as repeated periods of intense fear and / or discomfort along with an increased heartbeat and shortness of breath.  These periods are called panic attacks and can last anywhere between a few minutes to several hours.  Panic attacks generally develop with no warning.  A more complete list of panic attack symptoms are :

Intense fear ( of dying, losing control or going crazy ). 
Tightness in chest and / or abdomen. 
dizzy spells or headaches. 
trouble breathing or a smothering sensation. 
wild quivering or shaking
Sense of unreality. 

In kids or adolescents anxiety attacks can meddle with the facility to make relations, schoolwork & normal healthy development.  For some kids it becomes so grim that they avoid certain situations for worrying that a panic attack might happen.  These circumstances typically include going to college or being separated from their mom and pop.  In extreme cases, the child may not need to leave home.  If untreated, where to buy clomid without a prescription some children or teens may begin to exhibit self-destructive or suicidal behaviors. 

The good news though is that kids and teens typically reply well to treatment for panic or anxiety disorder.

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