Back Pain Bolingbrook IL | Multiple Factors Create Muscle Tension

First let us establish that not buying generic propecia online all muscle tension is negative.  Tension in your muscles is what holds you upright, allows you to flex and bend and keeps you mobile.  The kind of tension we are referring to at this time, though, is the kind that has a negative effect on the body; migraines, muscle aches and high blood pressure can be the result of such tension.

What Causes Muscle Tension? –

Basically healthy people experience muscle tension for one of two reasons; first, they are under stress and have involuntarily contracted muscles, and second, they have postural abnormalities that cause certain muscles to overwork, leading to tension.  Both issues can be successfully addressed.

1.    Stress is a large contributor to muscle tension. buy clomid online without a prescription Under pressure, the body’s inclination to a “fight or flight” reaction causes individuals to tighten up their muscles.  Elevated heart rates, adrenaline levels and breathing patterns are all noted when a person experiences stress.

The goal of treatment for stress related muscular tension is to help the individual learn to control their responses.  Classes are offered through a variety of sources.

2.    Postural abnormalities do not just include structural causes, such as scoliosis or the results of osteoporosis; it is primarily directed at postures we assume during the course of a day.  Driving, sitting in a poorly adapted chair, standing improperly, etc. are all included in the set of causes that can contribute to muscle tension.

Treatment here focuses upon teaching people how to better position themselves throughout the day so that they place the least possible strain upon their muscles each day.

Treating Muscle Tension –

Stress based muscle tension is treated through a variety of methods, but the most effective, long term, is educating the individual in ways to reduce stress.  Classes in Progressive Muscle Relaxation, yoga and focused breathing help people learn essential relaxation skills. 

Considering the madcap pace at which we usually function, it is no surprise that people experience elevated levels of stress related muscular tension.  Long term muscle tension is bad for your health as it generates higher levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol, which in small quantities has benefits, but in large amounts causes brain function changes, sugar imbalances, a lowered immune response and more.

For those with posture related muscle tension, corrections to the way they sit, stand or move help generic moneygram texas kamagra relieve tight muscles.  Getting a proper computer desk and chair, setting the monitor at the right height, and teaching appropriate seated posture can make a world of difference for tech workers.  Placing a cushioned mat on the floor where people work in a standing position all day prevents back strain.

Adaptations can be made to both equipment and people so as to reduce the load placed upon the muscles, thus reducing muscular tension.

Therapies that Help Reduce Muscular Tension –

Chiropractic care, massage therapy and acupuncture have all been shown to help people reduce their discomfort and tension.  Finding a good therapist or chiropractor is a wonderful way to combat day to day frustration and keep your entire body working well. HealthSource would like to present you with a limited time complimentary consultation, a $179.00 value. Call 1-888-977-6734 to find a chiropractic office near you.

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