Thai Massage Therapy

Thai massage traces its origins to India and Buddha where it’s believed to have developed out of Ayurvedic techniques. If the credit for developing it goes to Jiyaka Kumar Bhaccha then the credit for taking it to Thailand goes to Shivago Komarpaj. The original form of the technique was later on influenced by the Chinese traditional medicine and its present form is a combination of both.    

Initially, Thai massage was performed by monks only but now there are many trained practitioners employing the same techniques to help people relax world over. It is helpful in relieving tense muscles, indigestion and stress. It is counted among the most useful techniques that help relax the body as well as the mind.

Defining Thai Massage

The Thai massage also called online kamagra northern-style Thai massage is rightfully known as “nuat phane boran,” in Thailand whereby ‘nuat’ stands for pressure and ‘boran’ for ancient. It actually is an ancient-manner pressure massage. In addition propecia buy cheap online without prescription to pressure it also involves a lot of stretching as well.  

Because of its origin and influences of different nations and traditions it is known by numerous names viz. passive yoga, Thai yoga massage, old medicine hospital style, ancient Siamese bodywork, etc.

Thai massage has similarities to the other types of massages but has a peculiarity that separates it from others. Among other things, it involves peripheral simulating which is like an external stimulant that eventually produces specific internal effects.   

Thai Massage Mechanism

Thai massage has its basics based upon the theory that states that human body is made up of 72,000 energy lines also called ‘sen’ through which the life force flows. Out of these there are 10 that hold top priority for a massage therapist.

Thai massage is far more rigorous and energising than the usual forms. While giving the massage the therapist uses his/her hands, legs, knees and feet to help the person do yoga-like stretches. Thus it’s sometimes also called the Thai yoga massage.   

The person usually lies on the floor or on a soft mat. The Thai massage doesn’t make use of any oil or lotion. Moreover, except for the feet the person is fully clothed in comfortable clothes and hence there is no need for a drape.


The therapist then employs pressure at particular points, compression and stretching to release any blockages moneygram virginia in the free flow of life energy. The gentle and firm pressure is applied on the body using palms and thumbs and the therapist helps in stretching using his arms and legs. This leads to better blood circulation and toxins are removed from the muscles and tissues.

Benefits of Thai Massage

The Thai massage is useful for most parts of body. It has been found to be beneficial for the physical as well as mental aspects of individuals. It helps the person receiving the massage relax and reduces stress. It improves the blood and lymph circulation in body. The person feels more flexible and energetic. The massage is very useful in treating digestive disorders.

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The Thai massage does a great deal in removing not just the physical problems but also improves the psychological health.      


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