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Tobacco smoking is not something that developed recently in our communities. The other way around, we can say safely that in modern times man has realized the effects of smoking and is beginning to stop smoking. With spread of education as well as awareness of the effects of smoking leading to cancer, the habit of smoking seems to be receding in the developed communities.

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In fact cigarette smoking and tobacco usage can be traced back to centuries. The earliest known usage of tobacco smoking can be seen amongst Mayans and the Aztecs.There were no cigarettes at that time.The People smoked tobacco leave in crude form.In fact is has been understood that in the beginning men used to make bonfire of leaves and while doing so had learnt to burn tobacco leaves and inhaled the smoke.Later this gave to birth to the habit of leaves being tied together and burnt to inhale smoke. With the passage of time, men began to stuff tobacco leaves into a tube and began to make cigars. Tobacco smoking seems to have been an important part of rituals observed by early man in worship of gods and deities. 

Caribbean, Mexico as well as propecia 5mg South America and Central American countries were the earliest consumers of tobacco. In the later years tobacco began to be traded and was introduced in America as well as Europe. The first time cigarettes were prepared in Spain in the 17th Century using paper to wrap tobacco and were called papelate. In the year 1830, the French first coined the name cigarette to refer to the tobacco roll.

The armies and soldiers during the world wars seem to have ad a strong dependence on cigarettes. Both American as well as European armies were heavily using cigarettes during these times. Cigarettes gained popularity in the 20th century.In America where smoking was 54 cigarettes per capita annual consumption before 1900, had risen to per capita annual consumption of 4259 by 1965. However by year 2000 the annual per capita consumption had fallen to 2092 and by 2006 it has further declined to 1691 cigarettes per head.

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During the World War I & II the demand for cigarettes from the army seems to have been the highest and in fact cigarettes were a part of the army rations that were provided to soldiers. The Government however discontinued this habit since 1975. In the later part of the 20th century we see the widespread awareness of adverse health effects of smoking that lead to the legislation requiring all cigarette manufacturing companies to adopt the health warning on their packs. Today globally we see the cigarettes packs containing the warning reading’ Cigarette smoking is injurious to health’.
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Governments earn significant amounts as tax revenues on sale of cigarettes. Governments are always caught moneygram virginia having to fight to eradicate smoking and educate people as well as keep depending upon the revenues that the Cigarette sales generate. The cigarettes manufacturers are shelling out millions of dollars in settlements and fighting legal battles with the cases filed by the kith and kin of people who have fallen prey to smoking and cancer.

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