Managing Pain Naturally

It looks each time you open a newspaper or mag, there’s a strap-line featuring a celeb whose addiction to analgesics landed them in difficulty. While such stories evoke our curiosity and sympathies, they should essentially spur action. The truth is that we need trusty, less risky means of controlling discomfort. The emerging field of alternative pain management the answers.

Before you call your local alternative treatment center, you will need to narrow the field so that you find the best practitioner for your needs. Unlike western medication, the holistic health world does not take an one-size-fits-all approach to healing pain. Alternative pain management gurus seek the origination of your discomfort with the purpose of clearing up your problem long term. For example, in Northern Virginia, while visiting with an allopathic doctor Fairfax VA residents often complain of stress exacerbates discomfort in the neck, which might lead a normal physician to prescribe muscle relaxers and ibuprofen, a holistic practitioner may probe for information on your dental health, visual acuity, respiratory health, or even your digestion. That is due to the fact that holistic practitioners view every part of your body and even emotional health as inter-connected. Are you aware that problem in the alignment of your jaw can affect neck muscles, and that neck muscles can, in turn, cause carpal tunnel symptoms? A holistic health expert can help you to navigate these connections and discover fitter methods to resolve the provenance of pain.

Maybe you are thinking, “Forget the origin. I just need relief!” Alternative pain management can help you do just that, without the damaging side effects, or possibility of addiction that comes with prescription pain relievers. In fact , your body makes its own, natural pain killing agents. They are called endorphins, and some- like oxytocin- are even stronger than morphine. Alternative modalities that increase endorphin production include the following :


Acupuncture is the light insertion of needles so tiny that they’re thinner than lengths of hair. Most folks feel tiny if any sensation when they’re put in, yet their effect is dramatic. Used for all sorts of things from birth to surgery, acupuncture is a powerful means of natural pain alleviation. Athletes, accident victims, and folks with lingering health issues frequently use it to decide discomfort and heal the underlying condition.  Acupuncture Fairfax residents often visit, for example, will be specially trained in acupuncture and other alternative treatment methods. 


Massage harnesses the power of human touch to relax, cleanse, and realign the receiver. Consultants that concentrate on agony management know how to confront problems that cause pain, like back stiffness, poor shoulder and neck alignment, and even trigger points. Even as they address those things, the healing touch of massage therapists brings about an enraptured state as it triggers the release of pain getting rid of endorphins.


The use of hypnosis as a agony manager’s tool has been well documented for years. Actually the use of hypnosis has been inspired by the American Medical Association since the 1950’s. In a skillfully prompted trace state, hypnotic subjects are taught the easy way to redirect their attention, or “swap” the perceptions once experienced as discomfort for sensations like pressure or heat. Does it work? Science asserts “yes.” According to a communication authored by Guy Montgomery, associate professor in the office of oncological sciences at Mount Sinai College of Medication in NY Town, ladies that received hypnosis required less anesthesia during surgery, and during recovery.

Pain Is Perception

Having enabling options for controlling discomfort appears, in and of itself, to take the edge off. Moreover, non-chemical method of creating comfort give your body and mind a better opportunity to heal. If you would like to learn more about the interconnectedness of every aspect of your wellbeing and comfort, contact your local alternative health center.

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