Some Remedies For Angular Cheilitis That Really Work

If you suffer from angular cheilitis then you know how agonizing and unpleasant it usually is. Angular cheilitis may present as both cracks in the corner of the mouth area, tender and swollen and also dry lips or simply hard, dried out areas in the corner of the mouth. It doesn’t matter how your own angular cheilitis presents, it is not going to be enjoyable and it can end up being downright embarrassing. There are several cures for angular cheilitis though which do work quite well and they don’t cost a lot, they just require some self discipline.

The first thing to do is take a vitamin B complex health supplement. Vitamin B Complex is essential in all kinds of function within your body and a lack of vitamin B opens you up to all kinds of infections, not only angular cheilitis. Angular cheilitis is generally caused by some kind of a bacterial or fungal infection and vitamin b complex can help to improve your defense mechanisms to eliminate that particular infection. Once that has worked it’s a wise decision to keep on with the actual supplement to make sure it does not keep coming back.

The following part of good cures for angular cheilitis will be the elimination of just about all sugar and yeasts form your diet plan. Which means forget about bread, pasta, processed foods, sweets and so on and so forth until you start to notice that you have cut out enough to get rid of the issue. This is effective because angular cheilitis is actually caused by a bacteria or perhaps a fungus and they feast upon things such as yeast and sugar so if you stop eating them they will basically starve.

It’s also wise to add a plain yogurt. This introduces much more good bacteria into the system that will help to fight the germs or even fungus creating your problem. It needs to be plain yoghurt because all of the flavoured kinds will have added sugar and flavourings that feed the problem instead of getting rid of it.

If this is not going to work quickly enough for you personally then you need to go western. You can get your doctor to prescribe some kind of a topical cream that contains cortisone to eliminate the present problem. It will work, but it’s not really a long term answer. If you carry on with your current way of life the angular cheilitis will come back in a short while.

The very best cures for angular cheilitis are those that get rid of the cause of the problem instead of simply deal with the symptoms. It’ll involve boosting your body’s natural defences with nutritional vitamin supplements. You will also have to exercise some self-discipline and change your diet plan just a little to try and exclude all things which contain a lot of refined sugar and yeast. The cortisone as well as anti fungal lotions just work for a while and you cannot keep using them forever as they cause some damage to the skin as well. Rather catch angular cheilitis at the cause and eliminate that first, then treat the actual symptoms.


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