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All my life I had looked with envy at the perfect smiles in the movies, on tv, and of my own peers, wishing that I could have the flawless teeth that they did. I had missing teeth that looked very unsightly and made me afraid to smile. I felt like my imperfect teeth and bad oral health was taking a toll on my social life. I felt as though my bad teeth were ruining opportunities for me by affecting my self confidence.

I am an outgoing person, but my poor oral health and missing teeth diminished that. Finally, a friend told me that I should look into dental implants Sandy, dental implants Draper and implant dentistry. She said that she used to have poor oral health and an imperfect smile too, and that a dental implants treatment changed her smile and her life. The dental implants would replace my missing teeth and improve my oral health. The dental implants could also be a sort of cosmetic dentistry for me to improve my smile as well. I just felt terrible about my teeth and I figured I had nothing to lose, so I decided to look into dental implants Sandy and dental implants Draper.

My friend recommended to me a great dentist implant clinic and I gave them a call. The implant clinic suggested that I come in right away to visit with a dentist about dental implants. The next morning I went to the dental implant clinic and the dentist looked over my teeth. He said that it was a good thing that I came into the implant clinic when I did because my oral health was very poor.

If I continued to ignore the issues I had with my oral health that I could develop gum disease or even bone loss. The dentist then explained to me what could be done with my missing teeth. He said that dental implants would be just like real teeth. They would even be attached to my jaw bone by drilling a hole and filling it with the dental implant. He said that with care, my dental implants could last my entire lifetime.

The dental implants would fill in the gaps where I had missing teeth perfectly and naturally, because the dental implants are made of a white material that looks exactly like real teeth. I was incredibly excited to have my dental implants put in. I scheduled an appointment to have my dental implants installed immediately.

My dental implants procedure went smoothly with no complications. The dental implant clinic made sure that I was perfectly comfortable with the dental implants procedure. When I woke up from the surgery there was very little pain, and the dentist prescribed me a painkiller to take for about a week.

I cannot believe the incredible result of the dental implants. It’s like I have a whole new smile and a brand new set of teeth! The dental implants look and feel completely natural too, which I think is the best part about the procedure and the result. I feel completely confident in my teeth now and smile all the time thanks to the dental implants. I would recommend dental implants to just about anyone who wants a little cosmetic dentistry, to replace missing teeth, or for just about anything.
Learn More About Dental Implants


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