Hip Resurfacing Procedure


It is important to know what type of hip surgery that is indicated for ones condition, what the procedure is going to be, what the device is going to be used and what are the good and bad consequences to be expected. As explicitly expressed in the latest news about the DePuy hip replacement lawsuit, the size of the hip cup used can determine what are damages likely experienced after a hip surgery. The size of the hip cup used in a hip operation depends on what the procedure is. A hip resurfacing operation is one of the many hip arthroplasty methods used.


The Process Of Hip Resurfacing


In a Hip Resurfacing procedure, there is notably less bone structure removed during the operation. Hip resurfacing is an alternative intervention for those who are not suited for a Total hip replacement (THR) procedure. Due to this, both are quite akin to each other both in procedure as well as in its purpose. In order for the implant to be securely placed, some bone sections are removed and in THR and hip resurfacing, the amount to be removed are different. They differ also in the hip cup used wherein in the case of the hip resurfacing management, a cobalt-chrome metal composes the hip cup. The hip cup mimics a femoral head that us why it is hollow and mushroom-shaped. Unlike in a total hip arthroplasty, the femoral head is not removed to accommodate the hip implant that is why when revision is needed, it is easier for the surgeon to do corrective surgery since the femoral bone is still intact.


Another noted advantage of this intervention is that the size of the hip cup used is large and very similar to an original one that is why dislocation is avoided. Total hip replacement uses articular interface with sizes 28 mm, 32 mm and 36 mm and dislocation is a common complication. But all in all, the greatest advantage of this operation is the bone conserving characteristic of hip resurfacing surgery.


DePuy Orthopaedics used to manufacture the hip devices ASR XL Acetebular Hip System and ASR Hip Resurfacing System but since the release of the DePuy hip replacement recall, these alleged defective and badly-made products were removed from the market. If you feel the need to file your case, you can actually contact a skilled and efficient hip replacement lawyer. You can visit sites related to this for more information.



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