Stopping Low Back Pain In It’s Tracks

Lower back spasms can be a result of several activities, accidents, trauma, or repetitive injury to the lower back area. The origin of the pain can be from several things.  Examples include a pinched nerve, disc bulge, muscle strain, etc.  It’s important to seek treatment to speed recovery. Chiropractor Columbia MD understands this and realizes that each condition requires a specified treatment plan for the patient will experience relief.

Soft tissue and spine manipulations can help relieve the back spasm. They will relax spasms, change mechanics for the better, and help to muscles to fire properly to stabilize the area.  Between the vertebra, nerve roots exit at each level.Each of these nerves supply signals for muscles, organ, and everything else along its path. These nerve endings send signals to different parts of the body, so if they are irritated, it can cause dysfunction.

When a disc buldge is the culprit of back spasms, pressure need to be taken off the nerve root or disc. Low back spasms can feel dull, achy, sharp, or burning. This feeling can be unbearable at times and some people go to their doctor and they may suggest surgery if the pain does not subside, or they may prescribe pain medications. The body needs to be able to heal itself and at Chiropractor Columbia MD they understand what that means. Through many different types of therapies, including spinal manipulation, hot or cold therapies, and electric muscle stimulation the chiropractor can heal the body naturally and let it recover itself holistically.

In some cases an individual can experience a temporary back spasm that can be cured with a simple cold pack and a few ant-inflammatory over the counter pills. If the pain does not seem to go away then that is when other options need to be considered and if a condition can be cured through spinal manipulation therapies than it should be considered before any other harsh surgical procedures. Consult a physician for serious back problems but look at all of the options before deciding.  Chiropractor Columbia MD can help you figure this out.

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