Stop Poor Oral Health, Talk To A Dentist Long Island

If you are a heavy eater, you should visit a dentist Long Island routinely.  The more frequently you eat, and the longer foods are in your mouth, the more potential harm to your teeth can happen. Some foods, in particular, are more likely to cause oral health problems than others. Therefore, practice moderation if and when you eat certain foods like carbohydrates.  Refined carbohydrate-laden foods can be as harsh on your teeth as candy. Bacteria feed on leftover food particles in the mouth and produce acid, which causes decay.

Fruit and vegetable juices tend to be high in sugar and can damage tooth enamel and lead to decay.  Regular soda contains a high amount of sugar. Both regular and diet sodas also contain phosphorous and carbonation that wear away tooth enamel. Raisins, granola bars, jellybeans, caramel, honey and syrup stick to teeth, making it hard for saliva to wash away their sugar, which can cause tooth decay. Eating candy and chewing regular sugar sweetened gum are harmful to your teeth. As you eat, sugar coats your teeth, which can lead to cavities.

Most sports drinks have pH levels comparable to carbonated soft drinks, which cause dental erosion. The pH level is a standard measure for acidity. On a scale of 0 to 14, the lower the pH of a solution, the more acidic it is; the higher the pH, the more non-acidic. A low pH level in the mouth contributes to dental erosion.  Acids, which can cause dental erosion, are found in numerous foods and drinks. These acids include phosphoric acid, which is found in soft drinks; and citric and malic acids, which are found in fruits such as lemons and fruit products.

Cosmetic dental procedures are not usually covered by dental insurance plans. In case you have dental insurance, fully familiarize yourself with your plan so you know what is covered and how. For instance, if you require a dental filling and would prefer a composite material, study the benefits allocated in your plan for composite fillings. Many insurance providers will only reimburse composite filling costs at a rate equal to that of an amalgam filling. You’ll be required to pay the remaining balance as an out-of-pocket expense. However, if you have insurance and require veneers for restorative purposes, ask your dentist regarding the possibility of filing for reimbursement for a percentage of the costs. A smile makeover that will involves multiple necessary treatments as prerequisites  may be covered by insurance.

Consider taking your child to a Long Island Dentist who focuses on treating children. Pediatric dentists are trained to handle the wide variety of issues associated with kids’ dental health. They also know when to refer you to a different type of specialist such as an orthodontist to fix an overbite or an oral surgeon for jaw realignment.  A pediatric dentist’s primary goals are prevention and maintenance. Parents and childcare providers should help young kids set specific times for drinking each day because sucking on a bottle the whole day can be equally damaging to young teeth.

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