The Most User Friendly Rowing Fitness Equipment

This piece of fitness equipment is something that is not a rower, an elliptical machine, or a treadmill. The Water Rower with S4 monitor is a type of gym equipment that provides top-quality exercise that is not commonly provided by other fitness equipment models in the market at present.

One feature that speaks much about the quality of this fitness equipment is its advanced monitor. The users can immediately start their workout sessions by pressing the button on its S4 monitor with a QuickStart function. The monitor of this machine provides different workout intensities in meters per second (m/s), per five hundred meters, miles per hour, and per two kilometers. Other information that it provides is the weight and theoretical amount of calories burned per hour by the user. The heart rate, distance covered in meters and kilometers, heart rate, and total strokes performed by the person throughout the workout is also offered.

This fitness machine is also equipped with other high quality features. Some good examples are the QuickStart Feature and the QuickSelect one which allows the users to navigate the machine’s applications through the navigation key and button. There is also an AutoPreview Function which can be quickloaded and used as a base workout and an AutoStore feature which enables it to provide the last nine workouts done by the user. To identify information about a particular workout the user only needs to scroll the LED until he finds it. Lastly, they also feature a Zone feature that helps the machine set itself into an intensity level and the heart and stroke rate is also maintained by using a quick alarm which signals when a user fall down below the set zone settings.

Other information settings for this fitness equipment includes the Distance Workout Feature which can set the desired distance traveled of the user as well as the workout statistics and completion time. It also has a feature called the Duration Workout which sets a designated time frame that winds down to zero and also provides average workout information to a user. The Interval Workout Feature is almost similar to it because it is a pre-programmed regimen with cool down periods. All this information can then be synchronized with the computer through the PC Interface hookup.

The WaterRower S4 machine is a handcrafted quality rowing exercise machine. This machine makes use of a water flywheel for resistance which mimics the water exercise for the workout routines. For the user’s safety, this flywheel is enclosed in a water tank that provides the smooth, self regulated, and quiet resistance workout.

Just like in real life rowing, the users can get higher resistance and drag the higher their paddling rate. Moreover, the longer and lower the user’s paddle rate, the lesser the resistance they will experience.

Clearly, this rowing fitness equipment is surely something that can make one’s objectives come true

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