Home Treadmills For The Fitness Enthusiast

The SK690 Treadmill from BH Fitness is a fitness machine that stands out amongst other treadmills in the market at present. This is perfect for those who prefer working out at home because this fitness equipment is loaded with a lot of premium and high-quality features.

One of this treadmill’s many features is its high-quality TFT touch screen console. This fitness equipment can also be easily understood even by beginners. The distance traveled, calories burned, time elapsed, and pulse rate of the user are just some examples of the information that it displays. The quality of this treadmill is further strengthened by its use of the four horsepower alternative current motor which is considered as one of the most advanced motors in the market at present. The user can choose from forty different programs from this treadmill. Amongst these programs are a fitness test and a heart rate control test. Its motor pulls the 160cm by 150cm running track which works at a top speed of twenty-five kilometers per hour.

Aluminum and oval sectioned steel tubing are the materials used for the frame of these treadmills. Its casing is a painted ABS plastic that is typically used in automobile technology. The force from the workout is absorbed by high-density polyurethane rubber-wrapped handlebars. The impact and force received by the back and joints is lowered by its running track which makes use of a high absorbing system called Pro Tronic technology. For high impact use, this machine has chrome plated rollers. The side sections are also made of aluminum and are also equipped with non-slip rubber footrests for reliability and safety.

To provide the intensity for these treadmills, the running track has a constant tension that is self-adjusting for safety and durability. For its elevation, the machine has a powerful incline system that provides zero to fifteen degrees of elevation to offer differing intensities during the workout. The SK690 Treadmill is also equipped with a magnetically powered speed sensor that offers worry-free and accurate exercise routines. Its flywheel weighs five kilograms and is balanced by two fans that work to keep the temperature of the motor low. Fitness buffs will truly enjoy this machine with all its components and features.

The BH S.A. company started as a steel products maker in Spain and was established on 1909. Its name, BH, was derived from Beistegui Hermanos or Beistegui Brothers. ten years since they first opened, the company expanded to creating products for the fitness and health industry from manufacturing bicycles. Nowadays, the company is known to create bicycles, treadmills, and other gym equipment. It has also ventured into creating solar products infrastructure. Amongst its many achievements is being the first company to include a readout display of the exercise functionality, creating the first exercise bicycle with magnetic resistance braking, and inventing the AC variable speed motor for treadmills.

Clearly, the treadmills created by this company takes into high consideration the health and fitness of the individual user in mind. The long history of its maker, the features, and design of the machine are more than enough proof of its quality.

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