A Ninth Grader Experiences An Alcohol Overdose

Jeffrey was a high school ninth grader who commonly seemed to be living on the edge. Jeffrey had a risk taking personality and as a rule wanted to do what his older brothers were doing to have fun. The fundamental drawback with this was that all three of his brothers were at least 21 years old and were as a consequence within their legal rights to drive a car or truck and to ingest alcohol.

Jeffrey, however, had a tough time grasping the fact that as a fifteen-year-old young man he should not be drinking alcoholic beverages. In fact, conversely, Jeffrey often drank with his friends after school, especially on the weekends.

One weekend, Jeffrey made up his mind to drive around with some of his older pals. One of his guy friends was old enough to buy alcohol. After purchasing some wine coolers, beer, and wine, Jeffrey and all of the guys went to a recreational area and drank for about three hours.

A buy clomid fertility drug Young Man Becomes Unconscious

After drinking around ten bottles of beer, Jeffrey started to feel queasy and then vomited. When he lost consciousness on the soccer field, one of his buddies called 911 for immediate assistance. It was fortunate that the call for emergency assistance was made because when his pals went to the hospital to see Jeffrey, they were told that Jeffrey had been exhibiting alcohol poisoning symptoms. More precisely, Jeffrey had overdosed on alcohol.

When Your Buddies Drink Too Much

Jeffrey had heard that drinking merck propecia heavily can lead to an alcohol overdose but he never thought that this would ever affect him. After all, some of his friends over and over again articulated that they could drink two or three six packs of beer in a couple of hours without suffering from any significant problems.

Based on this, Jeffrey was in reality amazed to realize that he had overdosed on alcohol because he “only” had roughly ten alcoholic beverages. When he stated this to the attending doctor at the hospital, then again, the healthcare practitioner informed Jeffrey that drinking ten wine coolers over a two or three hour time frame could certainly be substantially more alcohol than can be processed by the body. The doctor further conveyed how too much alcohol can cause the brain to shut down an individual’s respiratory system and that when this takes place, a person can pass away.

The First Warning of Excessive Drinking

This was the first indication to Jeffrey that he was drinking in a hazardous manner and that there are costs for such deeds. The healthcare professional told Jeffrey that he was a lucky young man because he almost perished from an alcohol overdose the night before.

The healthcare practitioner also conversed with Jeffrey’s parents and suggested that they get alcohol therapy for Jeffrey. His parents were delighted that Jeffrey was out of harm’s way and informed the healthcare practitioner that they would get Jeffrey alcohol rehab.

While conversing with his parents, Jeffrey notified them buy kamagra that there must be a special reason why he did not perish and that he felt a sense of thankfulness that he was still alive. He also informed his parents that the most ironic part about the entire drinking episode was that he had learned about alcohol poisoning the past week at school in Mr. Franklin’s health class.

When Listening in Class Can Make a Difference

At the time, what his health instructor, Mr. Franklin, was teaching didn’t seem to make a lot of sense to Jeffrey. Due to the fact that he almost passed away, however, he felt that he should have listened more intently westernunion new york in health class and applied what he had learned to his personal life.

Jeffrey informed his parents that he couldn’t wait to go to Mr. Franklin’s classroom and make an apology to Mr. Franklin for not showing more attention to something that was as important as learning about alcohol abuse and how to stay away from an alcohol overdose.

His parents smiled at Jeffrey and said that they were pleased with the way he was taking responsibility for his destructive actions. All he had to do now was to let this near fatal experience have an effect on his life in a positive manner so that he would never again suffer through an alcohol overdose.

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