Look Striking With Dental Implants, Piercings And Other Body Art Forms

Many of us have varying responses when we find people with piercings or several tattoos in their faces.  Some would gaze in awe and some other people in terror.  We have our ways of dealing with what’s different.  Whilst some easily accept them, others will fume and start internet debates about it.

There’s dispute about people judging others who alter their whole appearance but everyone of us get haircuts.  Even though items surgically tucked in the body or face is likely to be a cultural forbiddance, many of them are helpful devices.  For example, dental implants that takes the place of genuine teeth.  These items are metal screws stuck in your gums.

Crowns, veneers, or even roots are the same as nose studs because they are both items installed inside the skin or bone respectively.  This is often what creates questions of purpose, morality, and other controversies.  I am no expert to side with anything since these are all opinion anyway.  However, it doesn’t discount the fact that facial art by dental implant or piercing is still an art.

Cosmetic dentistry, by itself, is without a doubt an art form in the medical industry.  Who else could make a skateboarder’s teeth suitable again?  Lots of people make use of their teeth as a good support when getting face first on solid concrete.  Besides middle-aged and teens extreme sport fanatics, amateur runners, and dog walkers experience probable dental dangers as well.  So long as there are actually railings, roads, and people who vainly think they are durable, there’ll be a lasting supply of dentists.

Whilst likely dentistry patients range from diverse types, dentistry’s scale is limited in facial alteration, or modification, near the mouth.  I saw one intriguing alteration performed on a man’s chin.  A round plastic material takes the place of the skin at the front of his teeth.  Therefore, his lower jaw is visible from a transparent looking glass.  A lot of shocking facial and body mod are in the industry but this particular distressing one had my jaw drop.

One more form of body art that escapes modern dental practice considering that it has very little to do with it, are the neck bands.  It is similar to Chinese foot binding yet it is actually the neck this time around. Burmese and African people take this ritual as part of cultural practice instead of self-expression.  With cultural, I mean their community’s beauty standards.  I guess many of those ringed ladies, given the opportunity, will look for less painful ways to be appealing.

I am going to come clean and admit that painless self-expression or beauty is rare.  Aside from cash and credit cards, we pay for facial and body corrections with agony.  Most physical pain using a knife is temporary but some stay forever.  Whether we are talking about quality dental implants or an earring piercing on somebody’s nose, physical ache is without a doubt common.  Discomfort, as a uniting factor, may allow us to understand that things dentally or surgically placed in the body is surely an art of sorts.

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