Two Types Of Oil That Can Help You In Removing Skin Tags Yourself At Home

Skin Tags

If you are contemplating removing skin tags yourself and doing it from home, you can help through using any of two oil types. Together, we will identify what those oils are, exactly, and what are the specific uses or applications where you can have the oils removed or used by the patients.

Tea tree oil is the first type of oil that you can make use of when you are attempting to remove skin tags from home. It can be purchased in a lot of retail stores and general shops, as well as those that specialize in selling natural remedies. The process of removing skin tags with the help of tea tree oil is not at all complex. First, of course, you have to make sure you clean the area surrounding the skin tag that will be removed.

You may use ordinary soap and water for this. Dry the area using a clean towel after washing or cleaning it with soap and water. Apply tea tree oil on the skin tag and its surrounding area when you are sure they are completely dry. This is best done using a swath of cotton wool that has been firstly wetted (by simply being put in water). The cotton should be given two to three drops of the tea tree oil. The process of cleaning the area and applying the tea tree oil drops has to be carried out severally – like say, thrice – per day. You will notice the skin tags starting to disappear after about a couple of days of this application.

The second type of oil that can help you in removing skin tags yourself at home is that of castor oil. This works better if it is firstly mixed with sodium carbonate (also referred to as baking soda) and applied severally, directly on the areas where the skin tags being removed are present.

Do not think that these oils are the only things you can make use of in performing do-it-yourself skin tag removal. Believe it or not, fingernail polish has proven to be effective for this purpose as well. Vitamin E formulations are also popular for this purpose, not to mention the good old duct tape. But there are certain things you have to make sure of before undertaking any of these skin tag removal treatments, and that includes making sure the growths are not at all malignant. You can observe them by taking note of their color and their growth rate. Many people who still insist on removing skin tags on their own when these tags are actually malignant growths are only subjecting themselves to more risks and unwittingly putting themselves in harm’s way. But skin tag removal using the oils and other aids we just discussed is highly possible if you have ascertained the absence of cancer risks. Skin tags, particularly the noncancerous ones, can be easily removed by the patients themselves. There is no need to leave it in the hands of doctors.

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