Stop Snoring Mouth Guard – Are They An Effective Solution To The Problem?

A rather simple product is the stop snoring mouth guard. In order to make a correct assessment on the efficacy of the device, you must first understand it and how it works. This solution is ideal for those whose snoring problem is attributed to their jaw, tongue, and throat not aligned properly. When the jaw drops, the tongue will end up positioned wrongly inside the mouth. The tongue would even recede into the throat. This airway obstruction will cause air to be blocked, leading the throat to vibrate and produce that snoring sound.

The mouth guard will prove to be an effective solution for this problem. If you are snoring because of other causes, this mouth guard solution will not work. Consult with a doctor first and get his diagnosis as to the cause of your snoring so you’d know you are in the right track.

If you visit the doctor, you will find yourself at the dentist, who will make you a mouth guard that suits your jaw. This type of mouth guards is comfortable to use because it fits perfectly with your jaw structure. That makes it easy to move your jaw while sleeping and ensures the mouth guard stays in place. The other type of mouth guard is one that you get from your local pharmacy. It is easy for you to get used to the mouth guard holding your jaw, and there is nothing complicated about its use.

A person snores when, during sleep, his lower jaw draws back, causing the tongue to push down his throat. How the mouth guard works is by preventing the jaw by drawing backwards, keeping it in place and ensuring that the tongue also is in its right position. Extensive research into the reasons of snoring played a huge part in the innovative creation of the mouth guard and a solution to the sleep problem. The documented results of the use of this product on snoring problems have also established its effectiveness as one of the best anti-snoring tools.

A lot of people who sleep with a mouth guard on have observed that they experienced no breathing obstruction at all, and zero snoring. But this is not a cure for snoring. Rather, it is only a tool to keep one from snoring. It is possible that there are other reasons for your snoring, and the mouth guard is just a temporary solution. You will have to consider using it alongside other stop snoring products to cut down on the nuisance that is snoring while sleeping.

There are complaints about how the mouth guards fit (or do not fit) the mouth. Some find it difficult to have the mouth guard conform to the shape of the mouth, leading to some discomfort during the first few times of use. Their initial response is either one of two things: dry mouth or too much saliva being secreted when the mouth guard is used. It is also possible that the mouth guard’s new positioning of the jaw could be painful. If you fail to maintain proper hygiene when using the device you may have infections in your mouth. A stop snoring mouth guard made by your own dentist will be your safest option, helping you avoid infections and other associated risks.

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