Examining The Top Four Stages In The Surgical Skin Tag Removal Process


Removing skin tags surgically is accomplished through four stages. Let us take a look at these stages. We will be making at attempt at understanding what happens in each phase. It is worth remembering that skin tag removal is, for the most part, viewed as a minor surgical procedure (one that can be safely carried out in a medical facility known as a ‘minor theater’). But you do not need to have a dermatologist, a physician’s assistant or any other medical personnel to perform this procedure. They can even be performed by a layman from home. No need for an operating theater. Now the first stage in the surgical skin tag removal process is the diagnostic stage. The skin tags will undergo close inspection. Are they really skin tags, or are they just random skin formations? This is out of appreciation for the fact that it is possible (though rare) to mistake something else for a skin tag. Thus the person who is thinking of removing the skin tag surgically has to be sure that it is actually a skin tag, before embarking on the surgery. Sometimes, this diagnosis doesn’t take place immediately before the surgical removal of the skin tag. It is more often that the diagnosis has been done a long time before the attempt to remove the skin tag. This will actually enable the person to come up with a decision on the proper method he should use to remove the skin tag.

The second stage in the surgical skin tag removal process is the pre-operative stage. This stage would involve the preparations made by the clinician once confirmation has been made on the skin tags. This is mostly about applying an anesthetic medication (in cases where the use of such medication is deemed necessary), so as to make the patient numb to the pain. The patient could also require some medication to control his nervousness or anxiety. The clinician will also provide the necessary medications. Another procedure conducted in this stage is disinfection. That means that the specific area where the skin tags to be removed are will have to be cleaned thoroughly. The instruments to be used in the procedure are also supposed to have been similarly prepared: by being cleaned and disinfected.

The actual operative stage will then follow the pre-operative stage. Here, the skin tags will be taken out of the skin. Provided there are no problems or complications, this stage could take under ten minutes, sometimes even faster. Surgical tools will be used.

The final stage of the surgical process will be called the post-operative stage. The necessary post-operative care depends on how the surgery was carried out. You will find sewing to be necessary if the cuts on the skin are considerably large. The clinician also has the option of letting the cuts heal naturally if they are only small cuts since they tend to close up by themselves soon enough.

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