Taking Calcium Supplements No Longer Danger For Patients Heart Health

A new research finding indicates that calcium supplements actually do not contribute to arterial hardening, experts claim, citing a new study that centered on 1,200 CT scans of men and women. Patients diagnosed with osteoporosis may use from this conclusion; particularly those who want to look for alternatives to osteoporosis treatment, such as, bisphosphonate related side-effects like the continuing Fosamax class action litigations.

Heart attacks brought about by arterial hardening was the main reason why previous expert studies advised against taking calcium supplements, which was the suspected cause.   This new research was posted on the American Journal of Ctritical Nuitrition by the efforts of the Framingham Offspring Study.

Experts claim that current clinical results have indicated no relationship between taking calcium supplements, whether short term or long term, and developing cardiovascular disease. They made the further conclusion that based on the data, they deferred to the recommendations of previous studies advocating for the use of calcium supplements as an acceptable treatment from osteoporosis since they posed no threat to cardiovascular health.

Elizabeth Samuelson and her researchers from the Harvard Medical School studied over 690 women and 588 men over the average age of 60. Intakes of dietary and supplemental calcium were assessed using a questionnaire and arterial calcification was monitored using a CT scan.

Their findings indicated that coronary artery calcification actually receded with increased calcium intake. It was also noted that the trend benefit was not too significant after adjusting for a number of other contributing factors, such as, age, BMI, and lifestyle factors.

The presence and severity of cardiovascular atherosclerosis necessitated its measurement by the study authors in order to gage how it related to other important factors in the study, such as, calcium intake, vascular calcification, vitamin D intake, prevalent coronary artery disease and kidney function. Cardiovascular thickening or atherosclerosis is an independent predictor of potential cardiovascular events.

The researchers concluded that, based on their finding’s, there was not enough evidence to support the assertion that coronary artery hardening was a result of significant detrimental effect from the intake of calcium supplements.

Besides supplements, other sources of dietary calcium include, dairy sources, dark green leafy vegetables, fruits, such as, banana’s, and certain forms of fish, like, wild salmon and sardines.

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