Essential Info On Rhinoplasty

Quite a number of people have already tried rhinoplasty. So if you want to be a part of these people who now have new noses, then it is essential that you be aware of the following essential rhinoplasty details.

Rhinoplasty as you might have already known is defined as a cosmetic surgery which involves the improvement of the nose’s appearance and form so that it would look more in tuned in with other parts of his or her face. Aside from that, rhinoplasty Los Angeles can also be carried out so that nasal function can be improved in people who are experiencing breathing problems.

No matter what the reason for the rhinoplasty Los Angeles is, your doctor would always make sure to consider your height, age, skin thickness, ethnic background and configuration of other facial features when recreating your nose.

A rhinoplasty procedure must be done by a surgeon who has had prior training in plastic surgery. Typically, he or she does it in a surgery centre or a hospital. Until the real surgical procedure is carried out, you would have to take medications so that you’ll have a safer surgery.

Once the medications take effect, the doctor proceeds to the surgery proper. Two main techniques can be used in a nose job; namely, open rhinoplasty and the closed rhinoplasty. The first type, which is open rhinoplasty is known as the cutting open of the skin between the nostrils in order for the internal structures of the nose to be seen. This is the more preferred method because it allows for a better access to the nasal structures that would be manipulated in the surgery and for easier placement and positioning of grafts.

The disadvantage of the technique is that there would be scarring and that the surgery would take longer. Closed rhinoplasty on the other hand entails the making of incisions inside the nasal cavity. This is the suitable technique for those who don’t want to see scars and for those who want to have a shorter time inside the operating room. The disadvantage of this method though is that it can only be performed by an expert surgeon who has been trained specifically for this technique. In addition to that, not everyone can have closed rhinoplasty.

Whichever method is used for your nose job, expect to have a small protective adhesive dressing and splint in the nose which would have to remain there for about a week. Then, you can immediately go home after receiving doctor’s instructions.

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