Four Reasons Why Hip Replacement Is Necessary

            Deciding to have a hip replacement surgery is a crucial decision. Since you are doing away with a vital body part which you will never be able to recover, this decision may be a life-altering event. Your present health, age, diseases currently being experienced, support of the family, and even your commitment are just some of the factors that must be considered.



            You may be subjected to a thorough assessment by your doctor before he agrees to such critical measures. As much as possible, they may want to save your joints and only after they are satisfied that hip replacement is the only recourse would they agree to such an action. The following indications or circumstances must be present before doctors may agree to an operation:                       


Pain and Stiffness  

            The pain and stiffness that may be considered for hip surgery are those that are severe and chronic that only narcotic medications may relieve it. It is the kind of pain that makes it very difficult for one to do even the most basic activity like walking, sitting, getting up from a chair, and going up the stairs. The pain must be constant and must last at least six months and not the type that comes and goes.


No Response to Treatment

             Surgery may be considered also if the pain persists and continues to get worse even after trying all types of treatments such as lifestyle and behavioral changes, medications, devices, and injection. This applies after allowing time for each type of treatment and even after a sufficient period, no effects are still felt.


Bone Damage

            Diseases such as osteoarthritis and other joint disorders may have caused so much damage to the bones that surgical procedures may be the only alternative. Injury or damage to the affected bones and joints should be such that it is beyond hope and inaction would be very critical to the patient Determination of the extent of damage will not be very difficult with the use of modern medical facilities such as X-rays and imaging equipment.


Abnormal Deformity

            Deformity may appear over time due to the injured joints which may require immediate action. A person’s posture may appear disfigured or the legs may be bowed. Deformity in many cases is an indication of advanced osteoarthritis and a regular symptom for other degenerative diseases affecting the joints.


            Like any surgical procedures, there is always the risk of failure. Most implants, under normal circumstances, may last up to 15 to 20 years which represents a 90 percent success rate. Even with this rosy figure, there is always the chance that you may fall under the other 10 percent.


            In the event of failure, complications may result to more suffering, pain, and riskier revision surgeries. With the recent reports of failures of hip replacement systems, the risks of developing complications may increase further. This has even led to product liability lawsuits such as the DePuy ASR hip lawsuits. Visit for more details and updates.



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