What Are the Caused of Hemorrhoids?

One of the first questions that people that suffer from hemorrhoids tend to have (as well as how to cure hemorrhoids) is, “what are the causes of hemorrhoids?The thought process is behind this is that they believe that once they know the cause of their piles then they will be better equipped to deal with them both know and in the future. If you are looking for answers to the above question, then this article should help.

Hemorrhoids can be very uncomfortable, painful, and embarrassing. It is probably safe to say that most hemorrhoid sufferers don’t wish to suffer for to long and would westernunion texas welcome a quick treatment for hemorrhoids. If you really want to be successful at preventing hemorrhoids from recurring time after time, then it is a good idea to get some sort of an understanding as to what caused them in the first place. It is logical to assume that buy clomid on line if we can identify the potential causes of hemorrhoids in an individual then it is more likely that you can stop them from reoccurring.

Common Causes

The fact is that there is not one single universally cited cause for the unset of hemorrhoids and no one has come up with a definitive reason as to why hemorrhoids form. However, what you will find is that there are several different reasons put forward as possible generic kamagra causes for someone getting hemorrhoids. Some causes are listed below:

  1. Poor diet:The western world’s diet is thought to be a major reason why people from countries in the western world suffer from hemorrhoids. Their diet is normally not a very healthy one; in fact it often is made up of a lot of processed food that they just throw in the microwave or oven.  The additives and preservatives that are often contained in these sorts of processed foods are thought to be causing more people to develop issues with problems like constipation, diarrhea, and hemorrhoids. Another problem with eating mainly processed foods is the risk of vitamin deficiencies. There is a strong case to say that these types of deficiencies are a major reason someone might develop piles. People often don’t understand fully that these factors are contributory to hemorrhoids, then when you add to them a diet that is low in fiber you are increasing the risk of getting hemorrhoids even further.
  2. Pregnancy/childbirth:Statistics show that women that are pregnant are more prone to have problems with hemorrhoids than those who are not. When you keep in mind the huge amount of added pressure that occurs in the abdomen and anorectal area, when a women is pregnant, you can begin to understand some of the reasons why pregnant women are more prone to hemorrhoids. On top of this you have the fact that Childbirth is a very strenuous activity in itself, hence this makes the pregnant women more susceptible to hemorrhoids as well.
  3. Lifting heavy Objects and/or Straining of the body:Two of the less well know potential causes of hemorrhoids are lifting heavy objects and straining while using the toilet. In fact, anything that causes straining, including things like weight training, can be a factor linked to someone getting hemorrhoids.
  4. Genetics: It is thought by many professionals that you will be more likely to suffer from hemorrhoids yourself if you have family members that suffer from them.Many people have not ruled out a genetic link, although there is also a case to say that it maybe more of al lifestyle link within family members than a genetic link.

Other Things That Might Be Causes of hemorrhoids

There are many other suspected causes of hemorrhoids. Being constipated, in many generic propecia people’s eyes, is probably the main culprit to problems with hemorrhoids.  But constipation is not the only thing, on the other side of the spectrum you have things like diarrhea, and even strenuous coughing that can also be seen as culprits for someone developing hemorrhoids. When you add all the above to the fact that in this day and age, many of us live a sedentary lifestyle then you begin to see why we are sometimes to blame for the unset of many health problems in ourselves, including hemorrhoids.

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