How To Remove Skin Tags At Home

Although skin tags are not always caused by serious medical problems, they are considered unsightly and people often choose to get rid of them. Also, there are various ways through which you can remove skin tags at home, and you do not necessarily need the help of a doctor. First of all, you need to make sure that what you’re dealing with is a skin tag. However, you ought not to start any treatment, unless you are convinced that your excrescences are skin tags. Remember that skin tags are never larger than an inch, they have a neutral color, and they develop slowly.

If your skin formations do not present these characteristics, then you will need to consult a doctor for a more precise diagnostic. Skin tags are tiny stalks, and you can remove them at home effortlessly. One of the most popular methods of removing tags implies tying a small piece of dental floss at the tag’s base. After you have tied the tag, and have stopped the blood supply from reaching it, you will need to cut the rest of the tag by using a nail clipper. And, if after the procedure you use antiseptic to clean the area regularly, your wound will heal faster than you expect. Before cutting the skin tag you should make sure that both the tools used and the site have been carefully sterilized.

In case you’re wondering if this procedure is painful, you’ll be pleased to find out that most of the people who’ve tried it said that they only felt a slight stinging sensation. If the size of the stalk seems too big, don’t try this remedy unless you see a doctor first. Before cutting off the skin tag, you can try numbing the area with an ice cube, which will also lower the blood supply during the procedure. Also, if you want to cut your tag perfectly, without any other complications, then you must use a very sharp pair of scissors. However, no matter what treatment you follow, your skin tags will probably appear again, after a period of time. In case it happens, make an appointment with your doctor.

If you’re afraid of pain, there are countless other methods you could try. For instance, you can mix castor oil, and baking soda, and apply this substance on your tags until they fall off. This treatment may last a little bit longer, but all the people who have used it, claimed that it is an extremely efficient method. Other tag removal method implies using nail varnish, or apple cider vinegar. And to be absolutely sure that your tags will go away, you can also cover them with duct tape. When you notice that the duct tape has loosened up, there’s a great chance the skin tag has fallen off. Similarly, you may obtain the desired results if you use a cream, or a resembling product from the pharmacy. Many people use these products, and they might work for you too, thus should stop hesitating, and try them!

And the best part is that all these methods imply using basic substances, and products, that can be purchased from any random store! And if a certain treatment is not good for you, at least you will not regret having spent all your money on it; the good thing is you can always learn how to remove skin tags at home.

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