Facts and Myth About HBP and Cholesterol – High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Truths

Knowledge of things is so important because this can set you free and will let you live longer. Truths and myths regarding cholesterol and hypertension ought to be learned because it had already claimed millions of lives and is continually claiming more every day for the whole year. According to statistics, there were 33 hypertension-related deaths every minute, a very alarming number when translated in a yearly interpretation. The only thing that can minimize these numbers is through knowing the truth that wraps this silent killer.

Dissection is the Solution

Many of us now still lives in confusion and must be unwrapped from this kind burden. Confusion is the reason behind why many people still die each year due to high blood pressure. In order to get to the meat we had to slice the skin first, thus dissection is necessary. Picking up myths and facts and separating them is the key to better understanding of the most silent killer of all time, HBP.

Myths vs. Facts

  • Soluble fibers from fish fats (omega 3) and other sources like walnuts as well as oatmeal bran and oatmeal itself can reduce cholesterol level. Fact.
  • All can you buy clomid without a prescription high cholesterol readings implies of being a candidate for heart disease and hypertension. Myth. Our body also needs cholesterol in order to function well. Since two types of cholesterol is identified, only one can lead us to diseases and that is our bad cholesterol or the LDL. The other cholesterol type, HDL or good kamagra discount cholesterol actually helps us get rid of bad cholesterol deposit that is why we need this type of cholesterol.
  • There is evidence or symptoms of having too much cholesterol in the body. Myth. The reason why many people die each year due to high blood pressure is that there is no symptoms or evidences regarding cholesterol build up.
  • Cholesterol moneygram level that measures above 240mg/dl is still safe and cannot be referred to as high-risk. Myth. The normal cholesterol reading must not reach this high. Otherwise you are putting your self to other dangers like stroke, heart attack and other dreadful heart anomalies.
  • Type 2 diabetes is a complication that would arise from having high levels of cholesterol. Fact. Type 2 diabetes is not only the consolation prize of having too much cholesterol but it also increases your risk to heart disease.
  • HBP has a visible symptom. Myth. This is the most common misconception propecia results about the condition. Hypertension can go unnoticed for years without showing itself out. Have a regular blood check up to know your real score against HBP.

Cholesterol buildup is not only a risk factor towards high blood pressure however it can also be a precursor to penile erectile dysfunction due to artery blockages that cholesterol can cause. Possibilities of other diseases were endless when you have abnormal cholesterol levels, shed them down.

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