Monroe Dentist Discusses How Nutrition Can Affect Oral Health

Not everyone knows that a well-balanced diet can also have an effect on the oral health. It is vital to have a good nutritious diet to have a good physical health. It's also the same with our dental health. Having good and correct nutritive diet habits can lead to having healthier teeth and gums.We all know that a good and balanced diet can health improve our bodies immune system and also reduce the risk of developing oral or dental issues and maintains the gums and keep teeth strong and healthy.

Whatever we drink and eat can affect our oral health. For instance when you eat too many candy then you will increase the chance of having cavities. When candy are eaten, they can stick to our teeth and leave behind some sticky deposits which can become food for bacteria. Not only sweets but soda can also do the same thing. It can destroy the outer coating of our teeth which is the enamel. That is down to the acidic nature of the drink.

Research also showed clearly that eating habits can also affect oral health. Any Monroe dentist will tell you that when you eat starchy and sweet foods often then you increase the activity of bacteria in your mouth that will lead to increase the levels of the acid produced in your mouth which will lead on to the erosion of the outer tooth covering, the enamel. The more frequent somebody eats, the more the bacteria will be excited and more acid will be produced.

Our saliva plays an important role in maintaining good oral health. This will help neutralise the acid which is due to eating too much. So it is much better to blend the foods that you eat in bigger meals than to eat often in smaller servings. The spit is natural in our mouth and this helps wash away the food that might be left on the teeth which is the target ground for bacteria to grow. This also helps replace the teeth with the fundamental nutriments to battle the bacterial attacks that may cause cavities.

It's important to eat sensibly and adopt a good oral cleanliness so as to maintain good oral health. Eating right influences the whole body and that includes the mouth which is the location where teeth and gums reside. With the help of correct diet and good diet habits, you will certainly have a fresher breath and brighter grin all the days of your life.

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