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How Necessary Is A Surgery For An ACL Tear

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

A tear in the anterior cruciate ligament or the ACL is not a rare injury among several athletes. In fact, this kind of injury doesn’t only happen to sportsmen. You will discover average people that may suffer from this, especially if they’re physically active. For athletes, having an ACL tear is career threatening. But because of the advancements in medical technology, it is now simpler to diagnose the injury and find a treatment for it by way of a surgical procedure. Some experts also say that not every person who has an ACL injury will need to have a surgery.

The ACL ligament is an extremely important area of the knee. It’s the ligament which controls the movement of the knees. It also helps maintain the balance of the knee. You can just think about what is going to happen once this particular ligament is torn. Sports athletes are very prone to this injury simply because they’re active plus they usually make use of their knees a lot. Women players are actually thought to be prone to have an ACL injury than men. It is because females have weaker legs and that they typically use their hip to control their bodies when they jump. Because of this, more strain is placed on the knees.

The initial treatment regularly used for ACL injuries is an ACL reconstruction. This is much better than how an ACL tear used to be taken care of in the past. Nowadays, athletes don’t need to worry about not being able to play once again after they suffer from this injury. An ACL reconstruction will only take six to nine months to recuperate. After the surgery, it is crucial that the patient undergoes therapy for rehab. In the Nine months of recovery, the knee will naturally lose it’s power and movement. This is exactly what an ACL rehabilitation therapy will change. The patient is going to have several exercises that are aimed towards strengthening the knee and the afflicted leg. 

Even though some people state that an ACL surgical treatment is not needed, and that therapy will be enough, you should be aware that an ACL reconstruction surgical treatment will help prevent the future damages to the ligament as well as the other cartilages and muscle tissues that can be affected. So if a player wants to be active in playing sports activities again, he should have the surgery to make sure that nothing worse may happen to his knee.

There are several ways that an ACL reconstruction surgery can be achieved. So it is vital that the patient talks with his doctor about what the best surgical treatment is. After recovery and rehabilitation, the injured knee must also be protected constantly as there is not any guarantee that the injury of ACL tear will not happen again.