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The Technical Side Of Massage Stones

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Whether you are giving or receiving a hot stone massage, it is good to know the basic techniques involved in what some have described as the most relaxing massage they have ever experienced.

The stones themselves are basalt stones smoothed by centuries of water. They retain heat very well, and are found in a variety of sizes to fit different parts of the body. There are two uses for the stones during the massage. First, transfer heat to the body. This is done by laying stones under the person (with a sheet or towel between the person and the stones), and laying stones on top of the person (again, using a towel between). The layout of the stones is typically along the sides of the spine with baseball-sized stones placed in the palm of the person’s hands.

The second use for the stones is to deliver the massage itself. Oiled, heated stones are held in the palm of the hand with the masseuse using long, firm strokes along the muscles in the legs, arms and to buy clomid torso. The stones are not made to glide on the skin. The whole point is to use the stones as tools to deliver a deeper and more rejuvenating tissue and muscle massage. The amount of pressure that one gets should be comfortable. The hot stone massage technique makes it easy to request light, medium or deep pressure which can be customized in an instant.

It is important that proper care and maintenance are taken. Yes, stones need to be maintained. They should be kept in clean, sanitized water heated between 120 and 130 degrees. Tongs, gloves or other tools should be used to remove the stones from the hot water, and the water should be changed after each massage session. The stones should be cleaned and dried every single time it is used.

Although you can create your own hot stone massage kit at home and massage away, it is a good idea to attend a training course to really familiarize yourself with all the procedures.

There are lots of benefits to hot stone massage. The heat itself relaxes muscles while increasing the blood flow to the area being massaged. This increase in circulation and relaxation of muscles also leads to mental relaxation, which is key when working on the deeper muscles kamagra cheap in the body.

Hot stone propecia online buy massage is based on a pretty simple premise. You can set yourself up for the best massage experience with basic techniques.


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