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Teeth Lightening Fact And Fiction

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Teeth lose whiteness and become blackened thru several different processes. Age, naturally, is one, as a person’s teeth will naturally become darker with age. Tooth decay is another process that leads to darkening in teeth, as areas of the teeth covered in decay will appear brown or black in colour. In a few cases, accidental injury can cause darkening in teeth. Nerve damage within the tooth can cause discolouration. Certain foods, known as chromogenic foods, can lead to a tarnishing in teeth. These are typically beverages, including coffee, tea, cola, and red wine. Consumption of these over a period stains teeth. Tobacco has a similar effect, and users of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and even chewing baccy might have stained teeth. Some medications also cause tooth discoloration. These include especially tetracycline and its derivatives, which are known to lead to staining during tooth formation. For that reason, pregnant women and babies are often not given tetracycline. The derivative minocycline, used to treat face skin issues, has been found to cause tooth tarnishing in adults. 

One dentist we contacted explained that there are numerous products and processes that are built to whiten teeth Fairfax VA residents he treated found safe and effective. Some products are sold for usage in the home, but others are intended just for pro use. Dentists employ diverse specialised bleaching processes. Many home use whitening products are made and sold by the makers of popular toothpastes. In a number of cases, they are applied with straightforward brushing, just as is toothpaste. In some other cases, there are trays that are filled with a bleaching compound and then placed on the teeth and left in place for a period of several minutes or longer. There are also lightening strips available, that function likewise to trays, but that are easily applied and are dispensable after use. There are tiny applicators made to be carried in the pocket and used when away from home. There are even whitening washes that may be used with strips or trays or by themselves.

Many people wish to employ processes of holistic medicine to bleach their teeth, and avoid the use of chemical or medical processes. There are lots of followers of holistic teeth lightening, who offer to bleach teeth thru only natural strategies. These are usually home use methods, and in a number of cases they employ trays like other home usage strategies. Holistic dentists also practice tooth lightening, using natural methodologies.

there were no govt. tests of teeth bleaching products. there were company-sponsored tests conducted, as well as tests by professional dental groups. There have also been many unofficial appraisals of products conducted by diverse interested groups. It is easy to find reviews and test results on the Web. There’s an abundance of information available, and anyone considering buying a whitening product can potentially find critiques of the product, along with product details.

Dentists have practiced teeth lightening for a few years. An early type of whitening, and one that is still conducted today, is bleaching. Actually in a few cases bleaching can be done in the home, and home procedures are cheaper than dental procedures. Mostly, they also are less effective. Bleaching is generally a general dental procedure practiced in a dentist’s office. Teeth bleaching is performed with a high-concentration gel. Dental bleaching regularly produces dramatic results with even just a single session. Some stains resist bleaching thru bleaching, including tetracycline marking. Repeated bleaching may be utilised with more resistant strains, although in a number of cases, bleaching will eventually fail to remove stains.

A pretty new form of teeth whitening is called Zoom teeth whitening. Zoom is a proprietary product now owned by Philips Electronics. Zoom is a bleaching process that is conducted by dentists during patient office visits. The parts of the method are like other bleaching processes, but Zoom is presented as complete in its effectiveness, and requiring just one office visit and less than an hour of treatment. Zoom can be gotten throughout the United States and in more than 100 nations around the planet.

The developer of the Zoom product has a site where somebody can find a dentist to apply the Zoom treatment. Again, Zoom can be had throughout the U. S. and globally. One Zoom teeth whitening Fairfax dentist has been terribly successful utilizing zoom in combination with biologic dentistry practices.