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Appreciating The Worth Of Bike Trainer

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

In any outdoor exercises, weather really demands much consideration. So do with cycling; cyclists find winter or coldness very discouraging because this can surely place them off from training or workout. Because of this circumstance, most cyclists opt to settle on something that can keep them continue with their cycling regimen. Instead of staying at home and sleeping throughout winter, some avid cyclists just spend fair amount of money for an indoor trainer. There are various tools for indoor activities but for cyclists, they usually prefer a bike trainer. This is a bike stand where you can only attach your bike on and you can then continue your typical cycling workout whatever the weather may be. This trainer may also be useful in some other purpose as this is also effective for people whose schedules are extremely busy and finding time for workout seems not possible.

An indoor trainer is a handy alternative of outdoor cycling. Its advantages has been showed up through the diverse mechanisms that give off its weight. You can choose to settle with wind trainer, magnetic trainer and fluid trainer. Among the three, fluid trainer is certainly the choice of many cyclists. As this trainer utilizes fluid, it doesn’t make noise and gives a good riding feeling. Even though it cost very high than the other trainers, but its importance just complement the quality and advantages it carries.

Cycling really incorporates lots of undertakings specifically when it comes to cycling training. A training program is usually called for once you need to have holistic cycling method to keep you fit or if you need to get into higher level of resistance. Using this program, you will be guided with good preparation, with the right cycling workout along with the diet that will retain you up with the training. By thinking about all the fundamentals in cycling, you can make sure that success is at hand.

Cycle Your Way To A Healthier Life

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

More and more people these days are obtaining into a wrong and harmful lifestyle. Due to busy agendas and works of many individuals, they tend to forget and neglect to have a healthy diet and carry out a regular workouts. Sensible food and right exercises when combined together can provide the best advantages to the body and to the way we live as well. Based on how many times we are suggested to follow a healthy living to be able to have a healthy and happy life, most people often forget it.

It is crucial to execute some basic activities and exercises in order to promote healthful habits in our lives. And speaking of exercises, cycling training is one of the most appropriate strategies to acquire a physically fit and healthy body. If you undertake cycling at least thirty minutes a day, you can assist yourself promote proper digestion, burn extra calories and proper body functioning. Biking also is a fantastic way to produce your balance and body control and improves your overall body and mental health. 

Apart from its various health benefits, cycling is also an enjoyable and fascinating pastime sport and activity. It’s a fantastic way to get around and see many wonderful places that is very helpful in reducing stress and make you feel relax and problem free. Driving on your bicycle or even on a bike trainer regularly can be an efficient way of aerobic exercise and can have great results on how you feel too.   

Once you follow healthy lifestyle accompanied with the right cycling software and healthy eating, chances are good that you are having the most convenient way of living. Always remember that, a healthy and illness free life is the most effective and productive way of living. So, if you still don’t own a bicycle, go get one and start living a much healthier way. 

Bike Trainer Is Not A Toy

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

When children see a bike, they tend to show those big smiles on his or her faces. A bicycle is probably the most common toys provided by the parents to children. Actually, this is considered as one of the biggest items for the children. However, there are several factors that have to be taken in letting the children drive a bike.

A bike can be a toy and can be a device at the same time to enhance one’s well being. For kids, bikes are used for fun. They cycle down the streets or at the park. However, these are used for fitness reasons. This activity is called cycling training.

There can be many purposes why a person rides a bike. One of the most well-known purposes of riding a bike is weight reduction. Nonetheless, athletes consider cycling as their number one priority.

A good substitute for a bicycle is a bike trainer. When it comes to children, such trainer is not perfect unless there are important reasons. This is not a toy. A bike trainer may have the same appearance as a real bike but it’s not for kids. Well may be youngsters can use this if they are capable in handling themselves on top of a trainer. Kids who are 10 years old and above may use a bike trainer especially when they are into racing. This device will help them enhance their endurance and stamina.

But since children are fragile, they have to be well taken cared of. Appropriate execution must be insured to avoid any accidents. This is what the parents must think first. They can certainly do this by giving importance on cycling software. This will be their device on providing safety to their little ones.

A bike trainer is not a toy. Yes, children may use it but they can’t have fun with it.










Beat Your Worries Thru The Aid Of Bicycling

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” so goes the maxim. Looking around our modern-day society, this shows to be real. The load and pressures of life-workloads, home tasks, and personal tasks combined-give birth to many different health predicaments. And this is not worth remembering. If you’d like to be profitable in your work and perform at your best, it is important that you keep yourself free from any kind of diseases especially those that are stress-related.

Among the best ways to make sure your health is to keep your immune system up against health threats. If your resistance to ailments is strong, you’ll have a relatively low chance of getting ill. To do this, make it a point that you perform a regular and moderate exercise in your own home. Now if you are not so certain of what exercise would be better for you, try cycling training.

Although cycling is mostly a job completed by our body’s largest group of muscles-the legs- its advantages is not limited to the stated body segment. With the effort you’re exerting as you pedal, you’re boosting up your heart’s health, making it pump and beat faster and finally keeping the rest of the human body alive and healthy. But you might be questioning how it becomes simple for you to complete cycling in your home. Well, the answer is attaching an indoor bike trainer to your own bicycle. Based on your bicycling capacities, there will be an indoor trainer that will suit you because there are 3 different types of trainer which all vary in speed and power limits.

If you desire to, there are also several cycling materials that can help you. You can download cycling software from the web and use it as your guide as you conduct your indoor cycling. There is a lot of fresh information about cycling that you might need to know and there are also detailed steps on how you can improve your cycling sessions so you’ll end up receiving the optimum benefits it provides.









Finding Your Max Heart Rate For Cycling Training

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Using a bike trainer in conjunction with your heart rate zones is a great way to get really effective cycling training done in the comfort of your own home. There are a number of different heart rate training zones each of which will develop a different  type of fitness. these zones are expressed as a percentage of your maximum heart rate.

If you take away your age from 220 you’ll get an idea of your maximum heart rate. So for instance if you are 40  – your maximum heart rate would be 220-40=180. This works as a rough guide but maximum heart rate is determined by multiple factors beyond just your age. A better way to work it out is, using a heart rate monitor, warm up and then increase your eertion on the fluid trainer slowly over ten minutes peaking with a 30 second all out effort. This method will give you a relatively close approximation of your maximum heart rate that you can then use to determine your various training zones. 

There are typically four training zones. Less than 65% of your maximum heart rate is for recovery rides. 65- 75 percent is aerobic workout improving your aerobic fitness. 85-95% is threshold training which can be used to improve your lactic threshold and ability to maintain extreme efforts for longer.95-100% is anaerobic – typically only used for short bursts of exertion likfe sprints – it cannot be mantained for long.

Now you have your heart rate zones determined you can train within different zones for different parts of your training simply by combining a bike trainer and heart rate monitor. These two pieces of equipment will give you the ability to tailor make a training program that you can use at any time throughout the year. Paying attention and giving your training structure is vital to your improvment.