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Does Creatine Cause Male Pattern Baldness?

Monday, August 29th, 2011

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Your body manufactures a substance called Creatine, and you probably aren’t even aware it’s there. This natural organic acid helps increase muscle mass and provide extra energy. People who are interested in building up muscle mass will certainly be aware of the substance however. Creatine is plentiful in meat, so body builders and wrestlers eat plenty of it to maximize their ability to achieve the most muscle mass. You should be aware that it’s possible for your hair to fall out as a result of using creatine.

So what exactly does creatine do in the body, especially when it’s ingested in massive doses?  Some people believe it increases the level of testosterone and therefore accelerates balding. One of the side effects of creatine that has been discovered is the fact that it raises the body’s DHT levels which can conceiveably cause issues. DHT is produced mainly in the hair follicles, but it’s also found in other areas of the body. This substance plays a large role in male pattern baldness. However, this theory has yet to be proven since creatine has been used for quite a few years and there is no evidence that proves it leads to baldness.

You will probably come across a lot of conflicting information when researching the effects of creatine on the body. Some articles insist that it doesn’t cause baldness while others do. It’s quite hard coming to a conclusion as to who to believe.

People who state that it does cause baldness says that DHT triggers baldness in mind who are genetically prone to it. The hair on both the top of the head and the sides have proven to be more sensitive to increased DHT than back hair does. If there are large quantities of DHT present in the body, the hair follicles in these areas decrease in size and eventually stop producing hair.

While there have been short-term studies into the effects of creatine on male balding, the necessary long-term testing just hasn’t been done in order to conclude positively what the results can be. Until that time, athletes who ingest high levels of creatine will need to take their chances of losing some hair. Many people feel it’s worth the risk though. Doc No.lkhjsdklsd-ssj

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