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The Color Styles Of 2013

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Summer season is simply nearby and if you enjoy drinking and going to the beach, then what you can do is prepare while you still can. Adding a few color to your hair can make your summer look outstanding so to those of you are considering adding several colors or perhaps highlights, here are some of the hair color trends for The year 2013 (don’t forget to take care of your color with the best Argan oil of course).

Blonde- people think that all blondes are stupid but this is just exactly how other people label blondes. Blonde is probably the best and one of the safe hair colors for summer which is why lots of women like dying their hair to get that Ice blonde particularly those women who fell crazy about Daenerys’ personality in the HBO series Game of Thrones. This color may not be great for all skin tones but is certainly perfect for ladies who have fairer complexion.

Red- this is also something that you could consider particularly if you prefer to experiment or you are brave enough to sport such vibrant color. Being a redhead can definitely place you in the spotlight so check out wide varieties of red from your nearby salon and wear them this summer season.

Pastel Fashion Colors- aside from the typical hair colours, pastel colours are also in particularly to those who wants to be noticed. Your hair colour would likely be the talk of the town if you are showing off vibrant colors. It could be unnatural but when you know how to rock it, you would definitely be the most popular chick for the summer season. These bright shades are definitely becoming popular and if you want to be noticed, this is definitely something that you should give a try.

Dip Dye- this is becoming a lot well-liked today. What you can do is dye the tips of your locks and the rest remains its natural shades. You can select any colour if you like as long as you could possibly rock it to make you look more confident in your chosen hair color.

Brown- this is a traditional hair shade but can also be considered one of the most well liked because it is on the safe side. Just find the ones which have the lighter shades due to the fact those are the sizzling hot ones.

These are several 2013 hair color trends that you should check out to make certain that you’d have the best look this summer.

Great Tips For Dyeing Your Hair

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

If you have decided to dye your hair then it may be because you want a complete change or you are hoping it will make you look younger. Whatever the reason may be, it is always better to follow these tips for longer lasting hair dye.


– The effects of hair dye will be reduced when it is exposed to the sun so stay out buy clomid for men of direct sunlight for at least 24 hours.


– Twenty four hours after applying the hair dye, you should wash and condition your hair with your usual conditioner. Wait for five minutes before rinsing off the conditioner. The only way to retain the texture of your hair is to do this every time you put a color on it.


– It is important that you only use shampoo that is safe to use on colored hair.

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– Mix equal parts of vinegar and water, comb westernunion new york it through your hair and rinse out after a minute or two. This will ensure that the dye will last as long as possible on your hair.


– You could also try mixing some conditioner to the dye before applying it for faster absorption of the hair color and to reduce its damage.


– It’s better to wash your hair a day before dyeing to remove all natural oils. This is one way to make the dye last longer.


– To ensure your hair looks natural for a special occasion, you need to put the color on a week before the event. Applying hair dye the day before an occasion makes the hair look artificially colored.


– In case your hair is really dry, it is better to condition it for at least five minutes in a hot shower every night before you plan to dye it. Doing this will prevent your hair from becoming even drier after you have applied the color.


With regards to coloring the hair, kamagra generic there are quite a lot of diverse dyes, like temporary hair dye. Lots of people feel that hair colour is really important for them in this day and age, and some utilize henna hair dye.