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5 Haircuts That Will Get You To Look Thinner

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Do you think you are chubby? Are you having a difficult time trying to hide your round face because you gained weight? What it takes is not a liposuction rather a great hair-do. Not all ladies realize that there are strategies to enable you to look great without needing to do much except getting a haircut. What you need to do is save money as you will need to look for the best hair dresser to do your hair. If you are one of those who wish to look good in spite of the heavy weight, listed below are five hairstyles that will certainly cause you to appear thinner:

1. Long Bob Cut– who said that girls that are a bit healthy cannot get a bob cut? This type of style is certainly something that you want to get in case you are fed up of showing off your long hair. What this cut really does is cover the sides of the face in that way giving you an illusion of having a small face. It is actually helps make any lady look a lot leaner. Of course, add a touch of Argan oil every day to style your hair for that extra flair!

2. Layers– having some layers on your hair would definitely make you seem a lot slimmer. This is one of the many simplest ways for you to try out to make certain that you do not look overweight particularly when you like to take pictures of yourself. It is time to get some good layers . The layers would definitely assist you in getting the illusion that your face is a lot smaller.

3. Highlight– having some highlights to your hair would also do just as well. Try to look for contrasts of colors that could possibly help emphasize your skin tone. Ensure that you have the hairstylist complete the highlights to ensure that it is evenly spread out on your hair. Highlights are ideal for layered hair because it adds volume and most importantly it makes you look slender.

4. Side Bangs– bangs are usually in but if you are chubby, stick with side part bangs so as not to focus on the roundness of the face rather to help you look a few pounds lighter.

5. Side Part– the simple way of parting your hair could mean a lot if you wish to look leaner. Try carrying out the side part because it would definitely help conceal the roundness of the face.

These are some haircut styles that you need to opt for if you wish to hide your chubby face.

Fancy Debutante Ball Hairstyle: Tips For An Elegant “Do”

Friday, October 29th, 2010

A fancy debutante ball hairstyle is among the many things that can make preparation for the debutante ball stressful. Pairing a perfect buy clomid online hairstyle with the right dress, makeup, shoes westernunion ohio and jewelry can create the fairy-tale look a young girl dreams of. Besides getting a drivers license, the debutante ball is probably one of the most important milestones in a teenage girl’s life. Naturally, every detail is extremely important and planning is key.

It is important for one to choose a hairstyle that fits with the rest of her look. It has to harmonise with the dress, makeup and jewelry. For teenage girls, there are a few simple tips that can be used to achieve the ideal debutante ball look that exemplifies beauty and elegance.

Going to a salon and having a hairdresser create a hairstyle may be the best option, but it can be done at home to save money and time. Girls going to the debutante ball should follow these steps to create a professional look for their debutante ball hairstyle.


Before anything, one must consider what type of hairstyle would accentuate their facial features, physique and dress. A consultation with a hairdresser before deb night can be beneficial to figuring out which hairstyle would suit her best.

Roller Sets

Investing in a professional set of electric rollers will be worth the time and money spent. Conair, for example has several models that are quite good. Begin by washing the hair and applying conditioner only to the ends of the hair as not to weigh down the locks. Add a small amount of mousse to wet hair before blow drying, and make sure to aim the dryer down the shaft of the hair and finish with a cool setting to seal the cuticle to add shine. Roll the hair in heated rollers and leave for at least 30-45 minutes or until the rollers are completely cool. If the hair is naturally curly, the same steps should be followed and one try to smooth out the natural curls with a hairdryer and an extra large barrel brush or vented paddle brush before rolling to diminish any frizz. It is important not to use a flat iron prior to curling because the hairstyle will not take the curl and will end up damaged.

Setting the Hairstyle

Whether one’s hair is being worn curly or straight, it is important to use a good setting styling product, either before or after the look is complete. Some hairdressers may recommend Redken’s Hot Sets, which is a product that is applied to each strand of hair before put in the roller to provide extra hold. After the hairstyle is set, a firmer hold hairspray is needed to secure an updo and a flexible hold hairspray is recommended propecia online buy for debutante ball hairstyles that are worn down.


The updo is a debutante ball hairstyle that is classic. Sophisticated and elegant, the updo will always wow the crowd. Setting the hair in hot rollers first is beneficial in creating the perfect updo. A beautiful french twist or braided updo can create an interesting and different hairstyle. Weaves, extensions and side swept bangs have also been seen lately in trendy debutante ball hairstyles. No matter what look one chooses, they must be sure it is one they are generic kamagra comfortable with.

A Debutante Ball happens only once in a lifetime, so it is important that it is as memorable event as possible and that the teenage girl looks her very best. For an amazing deb look, the perfect, fancy deb hairstyle is an important factor to be considered in creating a complete look of elegance and beauty.

Documenting Hairstyles

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Digital cameras have changed the way photos are taken and stored. Because of the large storage space on cameras and computers more pictures are taken than ever before. People love to take pictures of important events, everyday life and even for documentation purposes. A great way to utilise buy clomid on line a digital camera for documentation is to take pictures of your own fabulous hairstyle. This helps to achieve a perfect look and to keep records of one’s favorite hairstyles.

Hairstyle pictures of models and celebrities are splashed throughout glossy pages of beauty and hairstyle magazines as well as all over the Internet. Although many women strive to achieve the same look as models and celebrities in photos, it isn’t always great to compare one’s self to the idealised and retouched beauty of professional photographs.

westernunion new york

A great way to take advantage of the technology of digital cameras is to take hairstyle pictures of real people, including one’s self. propecia buy online This creates a realistic point of reference when choosing a great hairstyle. Going to a public place such as a mall or park is the perfect place to find crowds of people and in turn find a few great hairstyles. Be sure to ask permission of your subject before snapping shots of them.

Once a selection of photos have been found, they can be uploaded on a laptop that can be taken to good hairdressers or uploaded then printed out to bring in to the hair salon. Another great idea is to take a picture of one’s self after each haircut, especially right after order kamagra a hair dresser professionally styles it. This can be a great reference in styling one’s own hair and also to help in remembering some favorite and not so favorite looks.

Taking your own hairstyle pics can really be fun especially if it is you yourself is the focus of the camera lenses.