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Facts and Myth About HBP and Cholesterol – High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Truths

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Knowledge of things is so important because this can set you free and will let you live longer. Truths and myths regarding cholesterol and hypertension ought to be learned because it had already claimed millions of lives and is continually claiming more every day for the whole year. According to statistics, there were 33 hypertension-related deaths every minute, a very alarming number when translated in a yearly interpretation. The only thing that can minimize these numbers is through knowing the truth that wraps this silent killer.

Dissection is the Solution

Many of us now still lives in confusion and must be unwrapped from this kind burden. Confusion is the reason behind why many people still die each year due to high blood pressure. In order to get to the meat we had to slice the skin first, thus dissection is necessary. Picking up myths and facts and separating them is the key to better understanding of the most silent killer of all time, HBP.

Myths vs. Facts

  • Soluble fibers from fish fats (omega 3) and other sources like walnuts as well as oatmeal bran and oatmeal itself can reduce cholesterol level. Fact.
  • All can you buy clomid without a prescription high cholesterol readings implies of being a candidate for heart disease and hypertension. Myth. Our body also needs cholesterol in order to function well. Since two types of cholesterol is identified, only one can lead us to diseases and that is our bad cholesterol or the LDL. The other cholesterol type, HDL or good kamagra discount cholesterol actually helps us get rid of bad cholesterol deposit that is why we need this type of cholesterol.
  • There is evidence or symptoms of having too much cholesterol in the body. Myth. The reason why many people die each year due to high blood pressure is that there is no symptoms or evidences regarding cholesterol build up.
  • Cholesterol moneygram level that measures above 240mg/dl is still safe and cannot be referred to as high-risk. Myth. The normal cholesterol reading must not reach this high. Otherwise you are putting your self to other dangers like stroke, heart attack and other dreadful heart anomalies.
  • Type 2 diabetes is a complication that would arise from having high levels of cholesterol. Fact. Type 2 diabetes is not only the consolation prize of having too much cholesterol but it also increases your risk to heart disease.
  • HBP has a visible symptom. Myth. This is the most common misconception propecia results about the condition. Hypertension can go unnoticed for years without showing itself out. Have a regular blood check up to know your real score against HBP.

Cholesterol buildup is not only a risk factor towards high blood pressure however it can also be a precursor to penile erectile dysfunction due to artery blockages that cholesterol can cause. Possibilities of other diseases were endless when you have abnormal cholesterol levels, shed them down.

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Tame Your HBP and Cholesterol – Manage High Blood Pressure Naturally

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Our heart is like the size of our fist only but it is undeniably the workhorse of our body. Day and night it performs a duty that is very essential buy kamagra for us to live and that is by pumping life-giving blood all over our body. It takes no rest and don’t even complain. If our heart happens to have a mind just like our own and would insist on taking a break even just for a minute, we’re going to be dead meat. Realizing the importance of our heart in relation to life, there is no reason we should not protect it from any forms of atrocities and harm.

Cholesterol Power

Usually, high blood pressure attack is deadly especially to the older victims. However, it does not limit its sting to the aged bracket only. We must know that this malady “does not discriminate”. In other words it could kill anyone without mercy regardless of color and gender, and the most frightening truth of all is that it has no early warning. westernunion It just strikes anytime.

Generally, HBP is triggered by a constriction of the arteries instead of dilating. Artery constriction or narrowing can be caused by many factors but in almost all cases, cholesterol build up is the culprit behind the blocking of the blood passageways. The build up of cholesterol is due mainly to our excessive intake of saturated fats that can be found mainly on poultry products and red meats.

Cholesterol is a naturally-occurring substance that is produced by our body for a plethora of purposes. Normally our cholesterol is very helpful in carrying out many bodily functions. Due to our unconscious propecia cost activities like eating fat-loaded stuffs cholesterol balance in our body is disrupted and eventually causes a threat by depositing themselves into our arteries and settle there and continuously building up in time. When a significant space of our arteries was blocked by this powerful waxy substance, our heart will pump more hardly to be able for our blood to pass through those obstacles and reach their designated destinations. When how to buy clomid online our heart pumps harder, the tendency is for the blood to travel faster, thus, causing an added pressure against the arterial walls. This is a condition called high blood pressure, a powerful silent killer.

Watch your Cholesterol, Tame HBP

The higher the cholesterol level in our body, the higher is our risk of having HBP and the higher the risk of complications that could bring us to our grave. We should be watchful with our cholesterol level in order to tame hypertension.

Here are some cholesterol-cutting tips:

  • Get away from unnecessary cholesterol sources like red meats and fried chickens with their skin on. Removing the fats from meat and skins of chicken and other poultry products before cooking it is necessary.
  • Change your unhealthy diets. Eat more fruits rather than junks and fries.
  • Shed your extra weight.

The more we become health conscious, the more we get away from the onslaught of high blood pressure. Wise selection of the foods we eat and having plenty of exercise is still the best combination in taming HBP. Be hypertension-free and live life to the fullest without having any worry.

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Learning About Common High Blood Pressure Medication

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

High blood pressure is a very common condition, one that millions of people are already suffering from and which many more will be diagnosed with in the years to come. One of the biggest problems with high blood pressure is that the symptoms are often so subtle and sometimes not even there at all, and so it is a condition that often goes untreated.

When left untreated it can result in causing a number of health conditions, even stroke or death. This is why it is so imperative that everyone, even whether you don’t think that you would ever have such a condition, keep on track with your doctor and make sure to get your blood pressure tested regularly.

Common High Blood Pressure Medication:Treatment

Now when it comes to the treatment of high blood pressure, typically what a doctor will do, at least at the beginning is offer you a new high blood pressure medication. With a common high blood pressure medication they will be able to get your blood pressure kamagra generic under control and keep you on the common high blood pressure medication until they find a more long term solution.

There are some people that just stay on the common high buy propecia on line blood pressure medication for the rest of their life, and this is not always a bad thing, because there are some medications that are okay to take for the long term and in which case the doctor thinks that there are more benefits versus risks when it comes to taking the medication or not.

It is nice to know that there are lots of great options when it comes to a common high blood pressure medication and so you know that no matter how serious your condition is, you are going to be able to get buy clomid online cheap it under control and live a normal life once again. The situation of feeling of being helpless and out of control and not sure moneygram california about your life in next year cannot be define.

If you ever think that your blood pressure is higher than normal, you are going to want to talk to your doctor about this and about getting a common high blood pressure medication because as we grow into adults we stop visiting the doctor so regularly. Doctors do some common tests no matter what you go in to see them for.

They put that strap on around your arm and take your blood pressure reading to make sure that it is at a normal level.