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How To Use Self-Hypnosis And Mental Imagery

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013



Hypnosis allows us to experience thoughts, dreams and pictures as nearly true. It also plays a role in stress and pain management. Apart from, it can alter certain behaviors, for example, studying help manage anger and sadness, build self confidence, lessen bad habits, and so forth.


“Manypeople can be hypnotized and may use self-hypnosis”, states Judie Keys , a San Diego Hypnotherapist


STEP ONE: Become familiar with self-hypnosis and/or mental imagery.

Learn about the basics of hypnosis. Then, practice these techniques with a goal in your mind; of what you want to attain with this technique. It is best to ask a professional help regarding questions of self-hypnosis.


STEP TWO: Create a specific method for inducing self-hypnosis.

You may want to try hypnotherapy in San Diego. You can memorize or even record the overall induction procedure into an audiotape and give self- instructions. First of all, look for a calm, peaceful and comfortable place for the related process. After that, imagine your entire body calming. And then in time of tranquility, a recording of self-instructions can then be played.


STEP THREE: Build self-improvement instructions to provide oneself during hypnosis.

The self-instructions may reflect a new attitude towards others or perhaps oneself, anotherway of thinking and so on. Words used ought to be easy however used frequently. In addition, it should be credible, desired, used favorably for any specific time and also most significantly provide a visual image of the recommended result. Write your own instructions for almost any desired change, e.g. if you’re not inspired at work or at school, create self-suggestions about having the drive as well as determination to change, seeing the importance of that change and also the wonderful possible outcomes.


STEP FOUR: Get prepared and have the experience daily.

Find a quiet, private location with no distractions to perform the 20 mins session. Have your own self-instructions prepared. Have the entire routine as you planned it. Build a hypnosis routine so that you’ll have the experience simultaneously every day. Have patience, it takes time to master virtually any new skill.


Lookat Judie Keys.She concentrates on Empowering Gals and Guys to Heal from the Maltreatment in their particular Lives through Hypnosis and New Life Coaching.Go to her at this site: Healing From Emotional Abuse.




Learn To Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Each day, more and more people are realizing that they can find a way to let go of their particular biggest dependency- smoking. Although there are plenty of various ways to quit, quite a lot are discovering that an effective way to completely stop is always to stop smoking with hypnosis. Hypnotherapy to cure cigarette smoking habits is really efficient on a significant number of individuals. Regardless of  cynics, critics as well as negative people out there, you can also learn how to stop smoking with hypnosis. Even though it could be a challenge, here are a few tips to make the process a lot simpler.

1. Start simply by finding a hypnotherapist or even hypnotist that you simply feel you can trust- There are numerous hypnotherapist that may promote their own solutions. Nevertheless, not every hypnotherapists are definitely the real deal. You need to look for a person that you can rely on, and that possesses adequate knowledge and experience to help you achieve your main goal. We suggest looking at the hypnotherapist’s background. See to it that the chosen individual has a degree in either psychology, psychiatry, or any branch of medicine. You have to be also sure that you naturally feel relaxed and comfy along with your chosen hypnotherapist. That way, you can permit yourself to unwind and let go

2. Have an open attitude- you may have uncertainties in your mind if perhaps hypnosis can really make you quit smoking. Doubts tend to be normal and may come with any kind of experience that you might be unfamiliar with or unclear about. However, your own uncertainties shouldn’t impact or influence your hypnosis experience. Even though it is ok to question, try to do so with an open mind. Consider doing what the hypnotist asks you to do, and don’t try to fight or contradict him. Otherwise, it’ll be harder to understand your goal to quit cigarette smoking.

3. Don’t expect impossible results- For hypnosis to truly work, one session may not be enough. If you are instantly thinking that you simply need to go on the hypnotist once and will never need a cigarette again, then you may be in for a disappointment. To end up being really successful, you may need to attend a few sessions. Just do the task and you’ll make it happen.

Keep these guidelines in your mind if ever you are thinking of using hypnosis to stop smoking. We promise that these tips will always make an enormous difference in your overall experience!

Tim Westhall can help you stop smoking with hypnosis. Have a look at for more of his work!

Stress and Hypnotherapy.

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Without doubt hypnosis is a very effective stress treatment of stress. When an individual feels he does not have the resources to cope with a task he is confronted with stress develops. Hypnosis works by changing perception, belief and ability to cope so the subject no longer feels he is no longer incapable.

90% of diseases are directly due to stress, said Dr. Lipton. Persistent stress starves vital organs of nutrients and oxygen. On the odd occasion this is not a problem but when it becomes persistent, westernunion locations diseases are likely.

It is not the situation you confront that is the cause of stress but by the the perception of that situation and whether you feel you have the coping mechanisms to deal with it. hypnotherapyis a very effective treatment for stress because it changes your perception, expectation and belief.

Following hypnosis treatment, things that trigger extreme stress are converted to easy tasks because, you have the belief that you have the resources to successfully carry out anything you are faced with little effort on your part.

During hypnosis, you become deeply relaxed and drop down to brainwave level theta. At this level, the filters that block unwanted messages to enter the Subconscious Mind,ease their tight grip and the hypnotherapist can alter attitude, belief and expectation.

Hypnosis is without doubt a safe and powerful treatment of stress and anxiety. Meditation is an effective tool and recommended for stress. It is, however, very difficult to see how a stressed person can relax, and if he or she cannot relax, meditation becomes very difficult. It is better to have hypnosis as an immediate treatment and use meditation for the long term and overall life enhancement.

Lets face it. Stress is an unpleasant thing. The fun goes out of your life and your libido goes away. You can develop anger, rage, anxiety and depression. Creativity lessens during stress and unnecessary mistakes increase.

Worse of all, because it triggers the fight or flight reaction, it shuts off important nutrients to some organs of the body and stimulating the heart. This is why research has shown it is responsible for 90% of all diseases. In industry there are millions of days a year lost through stress and the health cost is enormous.

Attitude to stress can be changed by hypnosis and provides not just short term stress control but coping skills for the long term.

In a hypnotic session, powerful post hypnotic suggestions are given not just on how to cope with your current situation buy propecia online but generally on all aspects of your life. Things a hypnotist will say are, “You are relaxed and calm. You will have no fear when confronting any situation and know that if it can be done, you are very capable and competent to do it.” This type of post hypnotic suggestion enables you to approach your next task with the attitude, “Now what is the best way to do this?” rather than, “This where to buy clomid without a prescription task is beyond me.”

So have hypnotherapy rather than drugs, counselling, CBT or psychotherapy for safe and outstanding results of stres. Bear in mind that hypnosis is nothing more than a state of heightened awareness and your brain becomes alert and receptive. The Subconscious Mind is not analytical or filters like the left brain. The Subconscious Mind simply accepts kamagra cheap positive suggestions by the hypnotist while you remain in a calm relaxed altered sleep.


How to hypnotise yourself for less stress

Monday, October 26th, 2009

We all have stressful periods in our lives. Often we are walking around at work holding stress uncounsiously in our bodies. It’s been there like a burden, gradually destroying our health. I’m going to introduce you to the 60 second anti-stress exercise. Once you’ve practiced this a few times you will be able to significantly reduce your stress levels whenever you need.

Now, the important thing here is to note that this is a form of self-hypnosis … not in the ‘spooky swinging-watch look-into-my-eyes’ type … but of the type that changes your internal state to something different to that of stress. (Shhhhh …. shifting state is one of the key secrets of hypnosis!)

So how do you change state in 60 seconds? You’ll have to rehearse a bit but the key is to immerse yourself in a real or imagined memory of something pleasant … not as an intellectual thing, but as a full sensory experience.

You kamagra buy do this by doing the following:

  1. Make sure you are in a comfortable, non-disturbed environment (at least when you start-off to westernunion illinois practice this).
  2. Close your eyes and recall a time when you experienced a wonderful feeling of release … perhaps on a holiday or going to the beach for the weekend, or the picnic you took with your family or the romantic date you had when …
  3. Imagine that you can see the scenario from a birds-eye viewpoint and as you do, float down into the ‘you’ in that scene and look through the eyes of that person … as if you were there.
  4. Run the scene in your imagination as a movie … as if you were there.
  5. See things buy clomid for men in color and as you do, recall any sounds that were there … sounds that you can hear now in this scene you are participating in.
  6. Begin to notice those nice feelings you are experiencing as you ‘re-live’ the scene and let them rush through you.
  7. Bask in the imagined memory, first person, surround sound, with the feeling you felt then welling through you in the present.
  8. And taking a deep breat, gently open your eyes.

order propecia You should have quite dramatically changed your state by doing the above exercise. Learning how to hypnotize yourself isn’t as difficult as you might imagine! Practice makes perfect. Try different scenarios. Imagine something totally made-up if that works. Experiment with a few different imaginary scenes and figure out which one most improves your stress levels when used in the above routine.

Make a promise to yourself to become more aware of when you are holding onto stress and use that as a trigger to do the exercise.