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To Deal Or Not To Deal With Skin Moles

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Let’s face it: today’s standards of beauty include having clear, flawless and blemish-free skin. But that is not something that comes naturally to most of us. We get skin moles because of either heredity ,physiology ,as nature’s joke or lack of luck. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it. We can actually have these moles removed safely and effectively, and there are a number of options that are available to us.

Before we go any further, let us discuss what skin moles are. The dark or pigmented spots normally found on the skin in different parts of the body are what we call skin moles. Moles can be caused by many different factors. It could be that the person belongs to a family who has a history of skin moles. It is also possible that the moles began appearing when they started spending a lot of time in the sun. Some moles appear right when a person is born, but some are also acquired later in life. There are really no set or predetermined times for when the moles would appear.

Moles vary in shape and size. They also vary with respect to their color. The colors of the moles could be brown, grey, black, or even skin tone. Moles are generally made from harmless melanocytes. Removing them is not really something that must be done except, of course, for cosmetic and health reasons.

One’s appearance plays a huge role in one’s level of confidence and general outlook in life. A misplaced mole on the face is enough to make one feel slightly inferior or less confident. To remedy that, the skin moles have to go.

But the possibility of moles leading to skin cancer is more than enough motivation for people to have them eliminated from their skin. When should we be afraid that the moles might actually lead to cancer? You can get started by observing them.

When trying to assess if the mole is a potential melanoma, there are factors you have to consider. A look at the asymmetry could tell you whether one side of the mole looks the same as the other half. You should also see a dermatologist immediately if you notice irregularities on the borders of the skin moles. Normal moles are supposed to be uniformly or evenly colored so if you notice color variations, that is a cause for concern.

There’s also the dimension or measurement of the moles, particularly the diameter. Moles grow up to 6mm in diameter, so anything beyond that should be looked at by an expert. Moles that are exhibiting signs of changing colors, sizes, or shapes, as well as some bleeding, should put you on your guard. Look to an experienced and qualified dermatologist for an official diagnosis.

You should remember not to go about panicking once these changes come to your attention. Panicking will not gain you anything. You will be in a better decision to decide what to do with your skin moles if you don’t panic.

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