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Researchers Raised Concern On Plastic Chemical BPA

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Evidences revealed that exposure of the womb to plastic chemicals can potentially increase prostate cancer, according to studies. Chemicals found in water bottles, soup cans, and paper receipts can also increase prostate cancer. The development of human prostate cells is studied in mice and the study yielded evidence that when mice are fed with bisphenol A (BPA), the risk of developing cancer or pre-cancerous changes is three times higher. BPA us a plastic chemical, which is used to soften plastic, is feared by researchers due to its ability to mimic estrogen. In the study, the doses of BPA received by the mice are somewhat the same as those seen in pregnant women.

The new study of laboratory rats suggests that prostate cancer, which usually strikes men over 50, may develop when BPA and other estrogen-like, man-made chemicals pass through a pregnant woman’s womb and alter the genes of a growing prostate in the fetus. Prostate cancer develops in one in every six men but the progression increased over the last 30 years. Researchers exposed newborn rats to low doses of BPA and found the structure of genes in their prostate cells was permanently altered, a process of reprogramming in early life that promotes cancer in adulthood.

When they are fetuses, the prostate gland is remarkably sensitive to natural estrogen. This study resulted to researchers to long speculate that exposure to estrogen-like chemical in the womb may have contributed to the increasing number of prostate cancer in men. BPA possesses a characteristic that triggers changes in the genes that are passed on to the next generation, which is different from carcinogen chemicals.

Men with prostate cancer have found refuge in robot-assisted prostatectomy because it renders minor post-operative complications and rapid recovery after the surgery. A research was made to look into the robotic prostate surgery and it was found out that 117 prostate cancer men has short stay in the hospital and were able to bounce back with their normal physical activities, including sexual intercourse. Da Vinci surgical robot has been a heated debate among health experts whether it offers additional benefits over traditional minimally invasive surgeries.






MRI Test For Prostate Cancer

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men. Men can encounter a few health issues of the prostate gland as they grow older. Infection and tumors can develop in the prostate gland. Annual prostate test is recommended to men who are aged 50 and above. Although the tumors that develop on the prostate gland are non-cancerous, these tumors seldom turn out to be cancerous.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive medical test that helps physician diagnose and treat medical conditions. It is a form of medical imaging that measures the response of the atomic nuclei of body tissues to high-frequency radio waves when placed in a strong magnetic field, and that produces images of the internal organs. The images can then be examined on a computer monitor, transmitted electronically, printed or copied to a CD.

The MRI of the prostate gland may be prescribed by the physician for a number of reasons:


1. To distinctly view the magnitude of prostate cancer (particularly to view if the cancer is within the prostate gland or if it has spread outside the gland).

2. It is one way of showing any indication of prostate cancer or if the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is high. The prostate gland produces PSA, which can be determined in a blood sample. PSA is commonly high if a person has prostate cancer; however, it can be high for some reasons, such as infection of the prostate gland known as prostatis.

3. Radiotherapy treatment can be easily planned with the help of an MRI.

4. It helps check if cancer has developed again after treatment.


The doctor can often tell from looking at any tumors found what type of cancer it is likely to be, allowing them to determine the best treatment options much more easily. The more information the doctor has about the cancer, the more effective the treatment is.

Robot-assisted surgery is now the most popular laparoscopic procedure and treatment for prostate cancer, offering lesser complications and faster recovery after prostatectomy. Researchers discovered that 171 men facing prostate cancer surgery, who are having robotic surgery are expected a short stay in the hospital and able to resume with their normal physical activities, including sexual intercourse. Not only does robotic surgery is popular to patients but it has also gained recognition in urologic surgery because it saves kidney function. However, there are people who believe that the benefits may not seem realistic.





Post-Prostate Cancer Surgery Causes High Risk Of Erectile Impotency

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Prostate cancer is a men’s condition that is regarded to be the most common detected and diagnosed solid tumor in American men. Men has a 17 percent chance of developing prostate carcinoma tumors in their older years. Still, it is possible treat prostate cancer with medicine or surgery. Surgical treatment is believed to be more effective than medicinal treatment. Stated below are the reason why men need to undergo surgical treatment for prostate cancer:

Inability to completely empty the bladder
Recurrent bleeding from the prostate
Bladder stones due to the enlargement of the prostate
Very slow urination
Increased pressure on the ureters and kidneys due to urinary retention

However, there is a risk of erectile dysfunction after prostate cancer surgery, depending on the type of surgery, stage of cancer, and the skill of the surgeon. Erectile dysfunction or impotence is sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis duringsexual performance. It is more common in men who undergone prostate cancer surgery rather than medication treatment. The use of early medication can restore erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, embarrassment, financial instability, and threatened masculinity are some factors why men failed to seek treatment.

It may take up two years after surgery for a man to recover from erectile dysfunction but not completely. The factors that may have contributed to the delayed recovery may include mechanically induced stretching that may occur during prostate retraction, thermal damage to nerve tissue caused by electrocoagulative cautery during surgical dissection, injury to nerve tissue amid attempts to control surgical bleeding, and local inflammation effects associated with surgical trauma.

There is a popular minimally invasive surgery, known as robotic surgery, that is used by many women in heart surgery but also used by men for prostate cancer treatment. Despite the popularity of robotic surgery, many alleged that the manufacturer has publicized misleading benefits. The FDA has recommended patients that before deciding to undergo a robotic surgery, they need to talk to their respective doctors in order to determine if da Vinci is the best surgical procedure for them.


Mens Issues: Male Menopause

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

When a man reaches the age of 45, he started to worry of the next stage-death. westernunion virginia Subsequently, his fear of being the next in line among his friends or relatives who had passed away drives him to do some silly things. And his tendency is to find more exciting things to venture on, just so he could hide the inactiveness and hormonal changes he’s feeling inside.


That stage in man’s life is called male menopause or andropause in medical terms.


Loss of vitality and fluctuation of virility level are the primary symptoms of andropause. This is due to the changes in production of the male sex hormones. In most cases, this predicament occurs at the age of 45 up to 55. But before the occurrence of andropause, there comes the mid-life crisis.


Dr. Malcolm Carruthers, the author of the book Maximizing Manhood: Beating male menopause explained the difference and occurrence of mid-life crisis and andropause.


These two distinct stages among males where to buy clomid without prescription are often confused as one. In its real essence, these two are linked with each other since mid-life crisis happens between 35-45 years old right before the andropause period.


However, andropause comes early depending on how bad a man reacts to his mid-life crisis. Or, that it could be delayed if he had sustained a healthy and active lifestyle before this period.


Other signs of andropause include the abnormal drop of energy level, becoming more irritable, loss of sex drives and depression. generic propecia online Although some would consider these instances normal due to aging, you can still do something to overcome these effects. In medicine, andropause had grown to be a problem rather than a stage in life. For this reason, medical science has formulated solutions to this crisis.


Testosterone replacement therapy is formulated to relieve the symptoms of andropause among men. TRT comes in capsule, cream, implant or hormone patch forms. There are also claims for the efficiency of pills that contain male hormones and which can also relieve the symptoms of andropause. For those where neither of these works, pellet implant is also advisable. Testosterone pellets are implanted under the skin of the buttocks. The choice of which depends on how your body reacts to it. See which will work for you best.


The crisis in man’s life called andropause is neither inherited nor natural for all men. Unlike that inevitable period among women called menopause, andropause can be beaten.


According to Carruther’s study, there are external factors affecting the declination of testosterone level. Commonly, men living a healthy lifestyle decline in testosterone level by 1% yearly when he reaches the age of 40 to 70. This decrease of testosterone is more manifested among the unhealthy men.


Another factor which triggers the symptoms is stress. Both psychological and physical stresses which resorted to too much alcohol and cigarette consumption had aggravated kamagra buy the symptoms.


In most cases, effects of malnutrition or nutritional deficiency are accounted to andropause. Symptoms such as anxiety, loss of memory and low sex drive could be due to aging or deficiency of chromium.


So examining it closely, not all men could suffer the effects of andropause. Such crisis is a big insult to a male body. And staying healthy, especially as you age, is a powerful weapon to overcome male menopause.

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Sunday, March 7th, 2010

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How Do Male Enhancement Pills Work To Stop Premature Ejaculation

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Male enlargement pills have already westernunion washington been on the marketplace for a few years but a lot of people still appear so perplexed by what they’re precisely and how they function. Because it’s not safe to speculate as this could jeopardise the genital system, a brief investigation into these products is wise.
With many brands in the marketplace, it is less risky and more conventional to use a brand that is strictly natural as it has components that have been utilised as sexual enhancers for hundreds of years. VigRX Plus and every other male enlargement pill offering is generally developed not only buy propecia on line for the enhancement of the genital but also to allow for more extreme climaxes, more substantial sexual staying power, better sex vigor, lengthened hard-ons, as well as prevent untimely ejaculation.
(And while VigRX Plus is a proven solution that you can certainly consider, it is best that you understand how VigRX capsules work. You can do this by reading various VigRX Plus reviews on the Internet. Such online sites will give you that third party opinion to help you decide as to whether to purchase VigRX capsules.)
A mixture completely derived from herbs will deter side effects such as fuzzy sight, stomach upset, headaches, giddiness and congestion. In addition, a few of the pill’s components assist and treat different body abnormalities apart from sexual problems. Because of this, you will not need a prescription from your doctor. Every man suffering from a problem with his penis has the liberty to buy whatever buy clomid cheap online male enhancement product that they want to try.
The results gradually take place from the first month of use until the third and beyond. For the initial few months, an individual utilising this medication will feel more durable hard-ons, and can expect to experience a considerable gain in the size of his genital. Over several months, the sexual organ will substantially improve its function as it increases in firmness and potency. It is not unexpected to see the user’s genital and sexual stamina improving if the pills are taken regularly. While there have been reports of permanent changes to the genitals, the degree of change order kamagra depends upon factors such as age, overall health, and the rate at which your system reacts to the medication.
The simplest way for men to obtain their desired penis size and self satisfaction is by using male enhancement pills. It is hoped that with the growing utilisation of such pills, there would be a decrease in the number of couples who have to put up with these sex-related matters.