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The Main Benefits Of A Individual Panic Alarm

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Men, girls, youngsters and aged folk can all be attacked by individuals with the intention to harm them. Not everyone is a black belt holder in karate or a street fighter, so they will need some kind of protection. It isn't simple to carry a weapon and not everybody is able to use pepper gas either. So what to do now?

Many of us live in cities and communities where other people are around us. If you had a device which allows you to somehow get other races ‘ attention in the event you need help, then that will be one solution. Here under we are going to discuss this gizmo which may help save yourself and your belongings.

A panic alarm is a small device that has one main purpose and that's to frighten of the assailant. The second benefit is that any person who hears the sound produced by a panic alarm will to go looking for the inception of the sound and try to help in any fashion they can.

A panic alarm comes in several forms and kinds. It's not necessarily recognisable as a panic alarm, so the assailant will not always know you're carrying one. They have the shape of a child toy, as a key holder it comes in numerous shapes and you may buy panic alarms which are made like doorstoppers.

If you're going to purchase a personal panic alarm, then look for a minimum of the following features:

1 A personal alarm should be easy to use so you don't have to think twice where to press when you have got to.

2 It should be handy to carry in your pocket or on your clothing, when you go for a stroll or running in a park.

3 The sound from the alarm should be distressful and ear splitting. The sound ought to have a level of 90 to 130 decibels to frighten off any assailant.

An individual panic alarm is not a luxury and they don't cost much either. If you care for your loved ones who are exposed then you can purchase one for them and explain them the easy way to use it.

Personal panic alarms have many uses. They can be used as attack alarm and also called Rape alarm.