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What You Should Know About Preventive Dentistry Today

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Most dental surveys show that not all parents are aware that it is important for their children to have healthy gums and teeth. Additionally, they are unaware of its relationship to the overall well-being of the young ones as certain grave diseases spring from poor oral hygiene like gum disease. These things imply that adults must put premium on preventive dentistry practices for kids. If their gums and teeth will be saved today, they can enjoy a lifetime that is ache and worry free.

The observance of related practices may begin at home and at school. In fact, there should be a partnership between the two in educating the young ones with the much-needed information. Teachers in schools can teach children how to brush and floss properly. The parents at home would then guide the children in executing the brushing and flossing techniques they learned. The importance of routine check-ups and other procedures like teeth cleaning and application of sealants must also be discussed with children through oral health education.

Dental health for kids actually begins with babies. Even though babies do not eat solid foods they can get gum infections from the milk they drink. When the milk sugars rest on the gums for long, bacteria will accumulate and destroy the gum tissues. This can be prevented by cleaning the babies’ gums with a cotton ball soaked in clean water after drinking milk. Children should be brought to the family dentist once they turn one so that they will get used to check-ups and teeth cleanings.

Preventive dentistry should be a partnership between the dentists and the parents. As the parents guide their children in brushing and flossing their teeth, dentists can teach some other ways by which these can be done properly. Such involvement by the dentists to advocate oral health education, can build rapport among children, parents and all the specialists in the field. Rapport can solve any issue of mistrust children might have against dentists as far as performance of certain procedures is concerned.

Orthopedic problems at an early stage can also be detected through this branch of dentistry. For the jaw bones to be protected from harmful damages, use of protective gears is important. Children may be very playful and their jaw bones can get damaged along the way. Their eating and speaking skills may suffer tremendously in the presence of such damage. They might need advanced and costly procedures when preventive and protective measures are not observed early on.

Preventive dentistry can help kids in many other ways. As we all know, gum and teeth problems happen with too much pain. Thus, afflicted kids can miss school or doing other things that they love to do. Also, teeth damage or loss can promote low self-esteem among them. But if all potential problems get prevented at an early stage, kids need not suffer any of these.