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Tips And Tricks For Looking Slimmer Without Losing Weight

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Lots of people want to look slimmer without the hassle of trying to lose weight – all that calorie counting sometimes just isn’t convenient. Read our guide to find out some great ways to look slimmer without losing weight. One way is to wear shapewear, which we could also term ‘magic underwear’. This is underwear that pulls in your lumps and bumps and helps to create a smooth, streamlined figure without the bother of dieting. Underwear that comes up past your waist is useful for holding in your stomach.

Dressing for your shape is also important, as while you might look dumpy in something, it might make someone else look amazing. If you have ‘bingo wings’, then you can cover them up with long sleeve tops. If you have short legs, then give the appearance of length with heels and long bootleg trousers. Another good tip for giving the appearance of a long, lean figure is to wear a v neck top as the fact it tapers to a point is flattering and it makes your neck look longer.

You should also avoid clothes that are too tight as they are more likely to make your fat bulge and therefore you’ll appear bigger. You should also stay away from clothing that’s too baggy, as though it might seem like it should hide your bulges, the fabric actually tends to cling in the wrong places, again giving the appearance of being bigger. Wear clothes that hug rather than cling to your figure – they shouldn’t be too tight but should be fitted.

Another way of making yourself appear thinner without losing weight is to watch what colors you wear. Try dressing monochromatically – all in one color – as this will help you appear slimmer. Black is an especially good color for this. If you are trying to hide a bulge, then avoid wearing loud patterns as they can draw attention to it. Also avoid wearing bright colors as they can attract the eye to what you’re trying to hide; wear neutral colors instead.

One final thing to consider is your overall appearance as this can have an impact on how slim you look. It’s important to take care of your complexion as, if you look healthy, you will also appear slimmer. Some expertly applied makeup can also help; people are less likely to notice excess weight if you look great. Your haircut is important too. They can sometimes make your face appear rounder, so make sure you get one that flatters your face shape.

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