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Wear Glasses? Try Wooden Frames

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Most glasses produced in the UK and internationally are generally made out of either metal or plastic, or a combination of the two. But with environmental concerns growing worldwide, wooden-framed glasses are becoming increasingly more popular.


Such environmental concerns were likely the main issue behind the inception of wooden-framed glasses, as they can be consciously disposed of and responsibly manufactured. They’re also effective in reminding the general public of the ongoing environmental concerns that are so deeply inbedded in our public consciousness.
So what other benefits are they to choosing wooden frames for your glasses?

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For one thing, wooden framed glasses are extremely cost effective, costing drastically less than the equivalent metal/alloy or plastic varieties. The manufacturing process for producing wooden glasses is also very simple, representing a hefty reduction is cost, time and envionmental impact.

Wooden glasses are also very good for anyone allergic to plastics or certain metals. If you do have a similar allergy, you should be able to wear wooden frames without any difficulty, where can you buy clomid owing mainly to the introduction of natural elements to the materials.


You can also fit any kind of lens to wooden-framed glasses, making them an ideal choice if you use prescription glasses. They’re also generally quite tough and don’t lose their shape during everyday use – making them a potentially excellent choice for your pricey lenses.


There are however propecia pills a couple of very small issues with buying wooden glasses. Their main problem comes from their lack of flexibility, meaning then can be snapped if too much pressure is applied or they’re dropped, stood on, etc. They’re also not particularly great if you get them wet, as the wood takes a while to try (although they should be ok once they have dried out properly). Your best bet is to ensure you keep your glasses in the case whenever you’re not using them, and this should prevent any unfortunate incidents.


Wooden glasses are also now being seen as quite cool, with the Japanese brand KATA making some amazing glasses and designer delivery kamagra sunglasses using wooden frames. Celebrities have also recently been seen capitalising on the popularity of wooden glasses, with the likes of Samuel L Jackson and Will Smith recently being spotted sporting the frames.