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Protein Supplement Use – Bodybuilders Aren’t The Only One’s Who Need It

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

kamagra buy style=”text-align:center;”>Protein Supplement Guide

In this article I will discuss the fact that a protein supplement – even though initially popularized by body builders can offer significant gains for numerous types of people with unique goals. The info here will be geared towards unravelling the  benefits that a protein supplement offers that go beyond the formal “let’s build muscle” paradigm.

I’d like to start you off with a question, just so that westernunion washington I can get you thinking outside the: “a protein supplement is used to build muscle” prototype. What is the connection between being healthy and having muscle? One common denominator is good intake of protein. Without an intake of high quality protein you are not going to be neither healthy, nor muscular. This article will explore what you Buy cheap clomid online Without Prescription can receive out of your protein supplement besides a bulging arm and popping veins — think of those really big bodybuilders.

A short sidenote, I am of the belief that body builders (especially pro’s) are far from healthy individuals. I think that the stress that they bring down upon their body will lead to many problems down the road. However, I do consider that there are many things that can be learned from this profession (healthwise speaking) and one of these is that a protein supplement can serve athletic and health goals that go beyond constructing lean muscle mass.

I desire us to be on the same page so I would wish to point out that in this article I am focusing on the other benefits that come from using a protein supplement.

Let’s get into some specifics:

Protein is THE macro nutrient as far as your body is concerned. Some of the roles that protein has are:

*structural (colagen for example is the most widely represented protein in the body and it makes your figure look smooth and wrinkle free and it keeps other parts of your body from sagging)
*building hormones (insulin for example is a protein, other hormones have protein in them)
*stimulates production of GH and IGF-1 (these hormones help rebuild your body and keep you young, this is the stuff Sylvester Stallone uses to look the way he looks at 60+)
*maintaining anabolism (protein is an constructive-metabolic macro nutrient, this signifies that it provokes growth and inhibits tissue breakdown)
*metabolism (protein requires more energy to be digested and so it boosts your metabolism)
*induces satiety (protein it is the most hunger squelching nutrient)
*bettering insulin sensitivity (this is plainly because neither fat, nor protein stimulates the release of insulin – except in very little quantities)
*it can help you get trim by increasing the calorie per centum of your diet that is derived from protein

A protein supplement, let me reword that, a quality protein supplement used every day with the objective of raising the total percentage of your calories that is ingested from protein is one of the smoothest and most efficient ways to positivily influence your health.

One affair that you must realize is that things like hormone modulation and metabolism stimulation translate into many other benefits.

Just to summarize

By eating more protein your body builds and keeps lean tissue mass easier. This means a lower blood pressure (lower risk of heart attack and buy cheap xanax headaches). This implies that your life is easier — you don’t perspire and start puffing at the sight of stairs. It healps you loose weight which makes getting around easier.

You will also look younger. This is due to building healthy skin, having a leaner body and a smile on your face (guaranteed to improve attractiveness).

Your brain will also function more effectively. This is because the amino acids in protein are employed to make neurotransmiters. These impact the way you feel, behave and even how well you learn. Also keep in mind that you can anticipate greater bone density and reinforced immune function.

In this article you have glimpsed some other ways in which a protein supplement can help you.

Please remember that not all protein is equal. There is also metabolic individuation and legions of other components that complicate the affair. To find out which is the best protein, check out: Best Protein

I warmly recommend this article on selecting  a protein supplement: Protein Supplement Guide

I also highly recommend this article, my unique contribution to the protein supplement debate, Blood Type and the best protein supplement: Best Protein and Blood

The Right Foods For The Alkaline Diet

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

A list of alkaline diet foods can be a useful tool for anyone who desires to observe an alkaline diet. After all, you cannot easily follow the alkaline diet if you have no idea how the foods you consume will affect your body’s pH. However, there might be times in which you need to make your mind up whether or not i propecia online buy want to buy clomid online to eat a particular food, but you do not have a reference that deals with this specific variety. Luckily, it is possible to make a few generalizations about alkaline vs acidic foods.

First, most natural whole foods are alkaline-forming, while refined foods are usually acid-producing. There are a few aberrations westernunion texas to this generalization, but it is true more often than not. By way of example, when I check with one table of acid-producing and alkaline foods, I find at least 36 alkalizing vegetables, compared with solely 4 acidifying varieties. In strong contrast, nearly all sorts of junk food are acid-producing, including chocolates, french fries, doughnuts, and crackers.

This tells us that the single most important standard for anyone who would like to adhere to a more alkaline food plan is to eat more whole foods, and fewer processed foods.

So what exactly is a whole food? It is a food that is unprocessed and unrefined. Nothing has been taken away, and nothing has been added. Unprocessed apricots, lentils, and sweet potatoes are three examples of foods which are definitely whole. Other foods can also be described as essentially whole even though they include more than one component, or have gone through a cooking process. For example, plain yogurt is milk combined with a bacterial culture. However, this food can nonetheless be considered whole, because it is relatively unprocessed.

In comparison, a convenience food has usually been refined, eliminating vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other healthy components. Or else it has had undesirable ingredients added to it, such as sugar, unhealthy oils, sodium, and artificial flavors and colorings.

Although it can be useful to know a few scientific facts on the subject of acidity and alkalinity, you don’t generic kamagra need to become an expert on biochemistry to eat a beneficial diet program. Choosing alkaline diet foods which are fresh, unprocessed, and organic will get you a long way toward reaching a better diet.

How You Can Treatment Candida Overgrowth- We Have The Answers!

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Have you been asking the issue, the way to cure Candida above development once again and once more? Do not worry, this write-up will provide the answers for a dilemma. Candidiasis is usually a typical illness with the body and about buy clomid overnight shipping 75% of females have suffered from it at the very least the moment in their lifetime. This is one with the good reasons that a good deal of ladies think that they could manage it on their own. But it is just not quite easy. If you have had it once or twice within your life, you’ll be able to handle it. But if you continue to keep on getting it for a second time and once again, then you definitely will need significant, medical wellness. Troubles may also be induced when women try and administer drugs themselves which they are certainly not sure of. These is usually very harmful on the entire body as these drug treatments can bring about part effects as properly as they might make the Candida resistant to them such that they will not operate for a second time within the even of your long term Candida dilemma.

There are numerous motives for that Candida trouble to kick in. it may possibly be induced by hormonal modifications within propecia buy online the entire body. These hormonal changes may well happen at the time of pregnancy or menstruation. In the course of this time, the acid amount with the physique falls as well as the alkali degree rises. This produces a healthful atmosphere for that Candida progress. This may possibly also cause severe infections. Do you think you’re having contraceptive westernunion ohio pills or other antibiotics? Then the Candida could nicely are already kicked into activation by individuals medicines. You might as effectively ask how. Some prescriptions destroy the helpful bacteria within the entire body that compete using the yeast Candida for its favorite food- sugar. Inside absence on the bacteria, the yeast becomes quite powerful. In this way it can multiply and cause an disease.

Get rid of the Result in

The very first step to remedy the Candida overgrowth is always to kill the bring about. For this you must initial discover the trigger. Have you been eating too very much of refined or rapidly food? Are you acquiring some intense prescriptions? Have you identified out no matter whether these prescriptions can suppress your immune system or not? Chlorinated tap water can trigger Candida overgrowth. Do you wear mercury dental fillings with your mouth? Then they’re a doable trigger of Candida overgrowth. You need to very first determine and remove this result in. Inside the absence of removal of this result in, the Candida will never go away but will continue to keep on coming back once again and once more.

Prescriptions and Organic processes

Calendula pessaries is one with the most generally utilized drug treatments with the combat of Candidiasis. This really is accessible in any chemist shop and may be proven to become successful in case of candidiasis. It is possible to also use some garlic paste and apply it for a vagina as well as other parts of the physique to counter the disease. Garlic is often a extremely beneficial antiseptic and is offered locally. Nyastin is another drug that is a very good approach to take care with the yeast disease. This drug does not trigger any part results and order kamagra so is incredibly common. They’re a few of the popular approaches to cure Candida overgrowth.

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What You Should Know About Your Overactive Bladder

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

You may think how to buy clomid without a prescription you’re the only person in the world who’s dealing with an weak bladder.  But guess what?  You’re not the only one.You may not know that one in six people over forty is affliceted by urinary urgency and urine leakage.  Take heart, because you’re definitely not alone.

Learning how to deal with this challenging problem is easier when you know the facts.

What Is An Overactive Bladder?

Think of your bladder as a balloon.  It stretches as it fills with urine.When it needs to be emptied, the muscles encircling it contract.  Normally this doesn’t happen until it’s at least three-quarters full.  At this point, a person can leisurely head for the restroom.

Problems arise when these muscles contract when the bladder is only half-full.  This sends a message to your brain that says, “Oops, gotta go! Right now!”  And off you go, on a mad dash to the potty.

You may reach the potty in time.  But if you don’t, you may end up leaking urine before you can get there.  In either case, you’re going to be worried and upset. 

Why does this happen?

Frequent Urination Causes
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Many different things can cause this condition:

  • A urinary tract infection.
  • Problems with the prostate, which can be a result of inflammation or cancer.
  • Low estrogen levels, especially in post-menopausal women.
  • Nerve damage, either from an injury, or from a previous surgery in the area.
  • A tumor or growth.
  • Side effects from prescription drugs, which can include diuretics or medications that contain caffeine.

Researchers have found that certain health conditions, including fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, anxiety, and even attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), may also occur along with an overactive bladder.  These problems are all associated with some sort of disruption in brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. 

Neurotransmitters are important in transmitting nerve impulses between cells in the nervous system.  It’s easy to see how a problem with the westernunion new york neurotransmitters could cause problems with excessive urination.

What You Need To Do To End Urine Leakage

First, see your doctor for a check-up.  Don’t be embarrassed to talk to your doctor about it.  Your doctor sees many, many people with this problem.  It’s important to rule out an infection or any serious health condition.

Your doctor may find you’re in excellent health.  This is always good news, but it can also be frustrating, buy online propecia especially if it seems as if there isn’t any clear reason for the problem. 

Remember, this is not something you have to “live with.”  There are many treatments available today, including natural remedies that are safe and effective.

Don’t put up with an overactive bladder any longer.  Take steps today to regain control of your life.  Just click on any link in this article to learn about a natural treatment that may help.

Herbal Skin Care Secrets Hidden At The Greengrocer’s

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010


Interest in skin care supplements, or beauty foods, has been strong in Asia, and that trend is growing fast in Europe as well. These nutrient westernunion kentucky rich beauty foods make a good case for starting a beauty regime from within, one that is designed to prevent or reduce the effects of aging, like sagging skin. Some products on the market include a supplement containing lacto-lycopene, vitamin C, and soy isoflavones. This is aimed at restoring firmness to the skin for women over 40, and was developed by Nestle and L’Oreal. Others have buy clomid tablets been developed using lycopene and grape seed extract, both antioxidants. Grape seed extract also stops enzymatic reactions that lead to collagen in the skin being broken down. Antioxidants protect the capillaries in skin and thus ensure that enough nutrients get to the living cells that eventually push their way to the surface and become the skin you see in the mirror. They also protect from broken veins and early wrinkling. Capillaries also deliver oxygen to the cells, and remove the waste products of cellular metabolism. This prevents puffy, sagging, and dull skin. But you don’t always need to reach for a bottle of supplements. Simply by eating more antioxidant rich kamagra cheap food on a daily basis should see some improvement in skin tone. Fruits rich in antioxidants include blueberries, prunes, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, apples, cherries and plums. And of the vegetables, eat more artichokes, broccoli, red cabbage, pontiac potatoes, brown onions, asparagus, non-green capsisum, beetroot, spinach and sweet potatoes.

Women are more prone to the damage caused by antioxidants than men, according to research from the University of Berkeley, and hence possibly their aging effects (Angyal). Beta carotene has been reported as having a mild sunscreen effect too, though it needs to be taken as a supplement to get this effect. The skin care supplement beauty market is still not a strongly developed one however, as these types of supplements tend to be more expensive than other supplements. And there needs to be more research and clinical trials to prove which products do what they are designed to.

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Sunless Tanning And Products

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Sunless tanning, like the name suggests, is getting a tan without sun exposure, and still produces an effect similar in appearance to a traditional suntan. This method of tanning does not involve skin pigmentation or UV exposure, which is often dangerous, to set off the change in skin color. Sunless tanning is also often non-toxic and thus, is quite safe. However, tan is temporary and will wear out or fade away within a couple of days. Sunless tanning products affect the Stratum Corneum, the surface layer of the skin or the outermost layer of the epidermis, while the Stratum Basale, the deepest layer, is affected by tanning under the sun. There is a wide variety of sunless tanning products available on the market today, such as tanning pills, sunless or self-tanners and bronzers, available in the form of gels, lotions, mousses, sprays and wipes. They can be applied at home in private, or professionally in spas, salons, and other health centers. Many sunless tanning and cosmetic product manufacturers use an active ingredient called dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a colorless sugar that interacts with kamagra generic the dead cells located in the stratum corneum of the epidermis, as an active ingredient. This is because a change in skin color occurs when dihydroxyacetone creates a reaction with amino acids in the dead layer of the skin. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests that sunless tanning products that contain DHA are the most effective in creating a long-lasting buy propecia on line tan.

Other types of sunless tanning products such as tanning creams, lotions or pills usually contain the amino acid ?Tyrosine. It is believed that Tyrosine aids in the stimulation and regeneration of melanin (Melanin is a pigment and the primary determinant of color in human skin). This, if true, greatly affects and accelerates the tanning process so that’s why many sunless tanning products are called tanning accelerators. Tanning pills also belong to the category of sunless tanning products, and often contain the chemical ?Canthaxanthin. The chemical works by depositing and spreading itself all over the body, including in the skin after it’s consumed, taking on an orange-brown color. Canthaxanthin is basically a coloring agent used in foods so the FDA does not approve its use a tanning agent. However, many cosmetic companies continue to use it in large quantities as an active agent in tanning products. can you buy clomid online It has also been established that continual use of canthaxanthin can cause hepatitis and canthaxanthin retinopathy. One of the recent additions to sunless tanning remedies is Melanotan, a melanocyte (cells located in the bottom layer of the skin’s epidermis) – stimulating hormone. Melanotan works by inducing skin pigment. Although extensively tested in countries like Australia, it has westernunion illinois to be yet approved for clinical trials in the USA.

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Recipes For Dry Skin Care Using Herbs And Essentials Oils

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Dry skin is generally due to less oil and moisture produced by sebaceous glands. Simple dry skin results from lack of natural oils affecting mostly women under age of 35 years, while complex dry skin lacks both oil and moisture and is distinguished by fine lines, enlarged pores and sagging skin that happens with aging.  Alternatively, dry skin could be results from genetic condition, poor diet especially deficiencies of vitamin A and the B vitamins, exposure to environmental factors such sun, wind, or aggressive usage of chemicals, cosmetics and excessive bathing with harsh soaps. To name a few essential oils for dry skin are Chamomile, Geranium, Hyssop, Lavender, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood and Ylang-Ylang. Aloe Vera gel applied topically helps to remove dead skin cells and is soothing, healing and moisturizing. Calendula & comfrey with its skin softening properties are used in facial sauna. 4-5 drops of lavender oil to bath water followed by application of diluted evening primrose oil or Aloe Vera cream moistens the dry skin. Evening primrose oil contains essential westernunion florida fatty acid to strengthen skin cells and boost their moisture content. Drink tea brewed with chamomile, dandelion or peppermint. Teas of Borage, fennel, coltsfoot or calendula help improve the skin. Add 1 tsp of either herb to 1 cup of boiling water and drink daily. Tea tree oil with its skin penetrating properties helps to moisturize and smooth the skin. Treat yourself with these recipes using herbs and essential oils  Dry skin mask – Obtain a smooth paste by mixing 6 ounce of unflavored yoghurt, can you buy clomid without a prescription few finely crushed almonds, 2 tsp honey and wheat germ oil each. Apply and massage of your skin for 20 minutes~Apply and massage of your skin for 20 minutes}. Wash off with cold water. Crushed almonds exfoliate and eliminate dead skin, honey aids in adhering mask to skin and vitamin E in wheat germ oil fights radicals. Home made balm for dry, chapped lips – Heat ?cup almond or grape seed oil. Add 2 tsp of melted beeswax, tsp alkanet root. Strain the oil removing the kamagra discount root. Add 8-10 drops of natural flavoring oil and 3 drops of vitamin E oil. If you hands are moisture dry or chapped, massage them with sandalwood, rose or chamomile essential oils mixed with purchase propecia online hydrating base oil like hazelnut, avocado or evening primrose.

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Passing Time Makes Its Mark – Use Antiaging Dry-Oily Skin Care Products

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

We cannot stop the rolling cycle of time. But surely we can prevent it from leaving its parting signs all over us. The result will be that you would look much younger. Are you ready for all that? As your age increases, your blood fails to manage the circulation speed it had shown before. This results in dehydration of your skin. In the body, the creation of collagen decelerates and this looses the elasticity of the skin. The years of continuous exposure to sunrays, harsh elements make wrinkles, lines and dark spots on your skin prominent. Aging also breaks blood vessels and decreases the production of hormones. Your skin grows to be thin and how to buy clomid online dull, with enlarged pores. Now if your skin is dry or oily or have patches of both dry-oily skins, your problem will be grave. You need special skin care products that go well all-in-one?for anti-aging, dry skin and oily skin.

As you cross the age of 40 and your skin reaches maturity, the skin naturally starts to loose its moisture and elasticity. Now if it was dry and oily beforehand, it will develop wrinkles and lines, even more. So if you had buy kamagra dry, oily or dry-oily skin, it needs you to be more attentive to your aging skin. It is thus never late or early for starting taking care of the skin. Anti-aging dry-oily skin care products are the best that help you. You should select such skin care products that can provide you all the important nutrients for your antiaging dry-oily skin. The anti-aging dry-oily skin care products moisturize, vitaminize the skin and act as anti-oxidants. westernunion california They help the skin in restoring its natural moisture. It works to smooth the fine lines and wrinkles. If you regularly apply the antiaging dry-oily skin care products, it will make your skin soft and elastic and will also further prevent the new wrinkles. There will be no need for surgical or chemical procedures and your skin will be young and bright.

Aging is buying online propecia definitely a natural process but your skin’s dryness and oily tendency may not be totally natural. Dry skin is the result of low sebum production in your skin’s lower level. There are many factors that make your skin dry, like pollution, wintry temperature, less humidity and heating system. Moreover in many cases, you might not have dry skin before, but it can become dry as you age. You can feel the skin of your face tight, flaky and dull. Dry skin adds more to the process of aging by pacing the development of premature wrinkles and lines. It goes right for the oily skin as well. Caused due to excess sebum production in the lower level of skin, oily skin has large pores. It sustains oily shine on its facade. This type of skin is more prone to develop blackheads, pimples, acne, whiteheads and breakouts.

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Sunday, June 27th, 2010


 Alcohol has no food value and is exceedingly limited in its action as a remedial agent. Dr. Henry Monroe says, “every kind of substance employed by man as food consists of sugar, starch, oil and glutinous matter mingled together in various proportions. These are designed for the support of the animal frame. The glutinous principles of food fibrine, albumen and casein are employed to buy clomid fertility drug build up the structure while the oil, starch and sugar are chiefly used to generate heat in the body”.

Now it is clear that if alcohol is a food, it will be found to contain one or more of these substances. There must be in it either the nitrogenous elements found chiefly in meats, eggs, milk, vegetables and seeds, out of which animal tissue is built and waste repaired or the carbonaceous elements found in fat, starch and sugar, in the consumption of which heat and force are evolved.

“The distinctness of these groups of foods,” says Dr. Hunt, “and their relations to the tissue-producing and heat-evolving capacities of man, are so definite and so confirmed by experiments on animals and by manifold tests of scientific, physiological and clinical experience, that no attempt to discard the classification has prevailed. To draw so straight a line of demarcation as to limit the one entirely to tissue or cell production and the other to heat and force production through ordinary combustion and to deny any power of interchangeability under special demands or amid defective supply of one variety is, indeed, untenable. This does not in the least invalidate the fact that we are able to use these as ascertained landmarks”.

How these substances when taken into the body, are assimilated and how they generate force, are well known to the chemist and physiologist, who is able, in the light of well-ascertained laws, to determine whether alcohol does or does not possess a food value. For years, the ablest men in the medical profession have given this subject the most careful study, and have subjected alcohol to every known test and experiment, and the result is that it has been, by common consent, excluded from the class of tissue-building foods. “We have never,” says Dr. Hunt, “seen but a single suggestion that it could so act, and this a promiscuous guess. One writer (Hammond) thinks it possible that it may ‘somehow’ enter into combination online kamagra with the products of decay in tissues, and ‘under certain circumstances might yield their nitrogen to the construction of new tissues.’ No parallel in organic chemistry, nor any evidence in animal chemistry, can be found to surround this guess with the areola of a possible hypothesis”.

Dr. Richardson says: “Alcohol contains no nitrogen; it has none of the qualities of structure-building foods; it is incapable of being transformed into any of them; it is, therefore, not a food in any sense of its being a constructive agent in building up the body.” Dr. W.B. Carpenter says: “Alcohol cannot supply anything which is essential to the true nutrition of the tissues.” Dr. Liebig says: “Beer, wine, spirits, etc., furnish no element capable of entering into the composition of the blood, muscular fibre, or any part which is the seat of the principle of life.” Dr. Hammond, in his Tribune Lectures, in which he advocates the use of alcohol in certain cases, says: “It is not demonstrable that alcohol undergoes conversion into tissue.” Cameron, in his Manuel of Hygiene, says: “There is nothing in alcohol with which any part of the body can be nourished.” Dr. E. Smith, F.R.S., says: “Alcohol is not a true food. It interferes with alimentation.” Dr. T.K. Chambers says: “It is clear that we must cease to regard alcohol, as in any sense, a food”.

“Not detecting in this substance,” says Dr. Hunt, “any tissue-making ingredients, nor in its breaking up any combinations, such as we are able to trace in the cell foods, nor any evidence either in the experience of physiologists or the trials of alimentarians, it is not wonderful that in it we should find neither the expectancy nor the realization of constructive power.”

Not finding in alcohol anything out of which the body can be built up or its waste supplied, it is next to be examined as to its heat-producing quality.

Production of heat.

“The first usual test for a force-producing food,” says Dr. Hunt, “and that to which other foods of that class respond, is the production of heat in the combination of oxygen therewith. This heat means vital force, and is, in no small degree, a measure of the comparative value of the so-called respiratory foods. If we examine the fats, the starches and the sugars, we can trace and estimate the processes by which they evolve heat and are changed into vital force, and can weigh the capacities of different foods. We find that the consumption of carbon by union with oxygen is the law, that heat is the product, and that the legitimate result is force, while the result of the union of the hydrogen of the foods with oxygen is water. If alcohol comes at all under this class of foods, we rightly expect to find some of the evidences which attach to the hydrocarbons.”

What, then, is the result of experiments in this direction? They have been conducted through long periods and with the greatest care, by men of the highest attainments in chemistry and physiology, and the result is given in these few words, by Dr. H.R. Wood, Jr., in his Materia Medica. “No one has been able to detect in the blood any of the ordinary results of its oxidation.” That is, no one has been able to find that alcohol has undergone combustion, like fat, or starch, or sugar, and so given heat to the body. 

Alcohol and reduction of temperature.

instead of increasing it; and it has even been used in fevers as an anti-pyretic. So uniform has been the testimony of physicians in Europe and America as to the cooling effects of alcohol, that Dr. Wood says, in his Materia Medica, “that it does not seem worth while to occupy space with a discussion of the subject.” Liebermeister, one of the most learned contributors to Zeimssen’s Cyclopaedia of the Practice of Medicine, 1875, says: “I long since convinced myself, by direct experiments, that alcohol, even in comparatively large doses, does not elevate the temperature of the body in either well or sick people.” So well had this become known to Arctic voyagers, that, even before physiologists had demonstrated the fact that alcohol reduced, instead of increasing, the temperature of the body, they had learned that spirits lessened their power to withstand extreme cold. “In the Northern regions,” says Edward Smith, “it was proved that the entire exclusion of spirits was necessary, in order to retain heat under these unfavorable conditions.”

Alcohol does not make you strong.

If alcohol does not contain tissue-building material, nor give heat to the body, it cannot possibly add to its strength. “Every kind of power an animal can generate,” says Dr. G. Budd, F.R.S., “the mechanical power of the muscles, the chemical (or digestive) power of the stomach, the intellectual power of the brain accumulates through the nutrition of the organ on which it depends.” Dr. F.R. Lees, of Edinburgh, after discussing the question, and educing evidence, remarks: “From the very nature of things, it will now be seen how impossible it is that alcohol can be strengthening food of either kind. Since it cannot become a part of the body, it cannot consequently contribute to its cohesive, organic strength, or fixed power; and, since it comes out of the body just as it went in, it cannot, by its decomposition, generate heat force.”

Sir Benjamin Brodie says: “Stimulants do not create nervous power; they merely enable you, as it were, to  use up  that which is left, and then they leave you more in need of rest than before.”

Baron Liebig, so far back as 1843, in his “Animal Chemistry,” pointed out the fallacy of alcohol generating power. He says: “The circulation will appear accelerated at the expense of the force available for voluntary motion, but without the production of a greater amount of mechanical force.” In his later “Letters,” he again says: “Wine is quite superfluous to man, it is constantly followed by the expenditure of power” whereas, the real function of food is to give power. He adds: “These drinks promote the change of matter in the body, and are, consequently, attended by an inward loss of power, which ceases to be productive, because it is not employed in overcoming outward difficulties i.e., in working.” In other words, this great chemist asserts that alcohol abstracts the power of the system from doing useful work in the field or workshop, in order to cleanse the house from the defilement of alcohol itself.

The late Dr. W. Brinton, Physician to St. Thomas’, in his great work on Dietetics, says: “Careful observation leaves little doubt that a moderate dose of beer or wine would, in most cases, at once diminish the maximum weight which a healthy person could lift. Mental acuteness, accuracy of perception and delicacy of the senses are all so far opposed by alcohol, as that the maximum efforts of each are incompatible with the ingestion of any moderate quantity of fermented liquid. A single glass will often suffice to take the edge off both mind and body, and to reduce their capacity to something below their perfection of work.”

Dr. F.R. Lees, F.S.A., writing on the subject of alcohol as a food, makes the following quotation from an essay on “Stimulating Drinks,” published by Dr. H.R. Madden, as long ago as 1847: “Alcohol is not the natural stimulus to any of our organs, and hence, functions performed in consequence of its application, tend to debilitate the organ acted upon.

Alcohol is incapable of being assimilated or converted into any organic proximate principle, westernunion florence and hence, cannot be considered nutritious.

The strength experienced after the use of alcohol is not new strength added to the system, but is manifested by calling into exercise the nervous energy pre-existing.

The ultimate exhausting effects of alcohol, owing to its stimulant properties, produce an unnatural susceptibility to morbid action in all the organs, and this, with the plethora superinduced, becomes a fertile source of disease.

A person who habitually exerts himself to such an extent as to require the daily use of stimulants to ward off exhaustion, may be compared to a machine working under high pressure. He will become much more obnoxious to the causes of disease, and will certainly break down sooner than he would have done under more favorable circumstances.

The more frequently alcohol is had recourse to for the purpose of overcoming feelings of debility, the more it will be required, and by constant repetition a period is at length reached when it cannot be foregone, unless reaction is simultaneously brought about by a temporary total change of the habits of life.

Driven to the wall.

Not finding that alcohol possesses any direct alimentary value, the medical advocates of its use have been driven to the assumption that it is a kind of secondary food, in that it has the power to delay the metamorphosis of tissue. “By the metamorphosis of tissue is meant,” says Dr. Hunt, “that change which is constantly going on in the system which involves a constant disintegration of material; a breaking up and avoiding of that which is no longer aliment, making room for that new supply which is to sustain life.” Another medical writer, in referring to this metamorphosis, says: “The importance of this process to the maintenance of life is readily shown by the injurious effects which follow upon its disturbance. If the discharge of the excrementitious substances be in any way impeded or suspended, these substances accumulate either in the blood or tissues, or both. In consequence of this retention and accumulation they become poisonous, and rapidly produce a derangement of the vital functions. Their influence is principally exerted upon the nervous system, through which they produce most frequent irritability, disturbance of the special senses, delirium, insensibility, coma, and finally, death.”

“This description,” remarks Dr. Hunt, “seems almost intended for alcohol.” He then says: “To claim alcohol as a food because it delays the metamorphosis of tissue, is to claim that it in some way suspends the normal conduct of the laws of assimilation and nutrition, of waste and repair. A buying propecia online leading advocate of alcohol (Hammond) thus illustrates it: ‘Alcohol retards the destruction of the tissues. By this destruction, force is generated, muscles contract, thoughts are developed, organs secrete and excrete.’ In other words, alcohol interferes with all these. No wonder the author ‘is not clear’ how it does this, and we are not clear how such delayed metamorphosis recuperates. 

Not an originator of vital force.

which is not known to have any of the usual power of foods, and use it on the double assumption that it delays metamorphosis of tissue, and that such delay is conservative of health, is to pass outside of the bounds of science into the land of remote possibilities, and confer the title of adjuster upon an agent whose agency is itself doubtful. 

Having failed to identify alcohol as a nitrogenous or non-nitrogenous food, not having found it amenable to any of the evidences by which the food-force of aliments is generally measured, it will not do for us to talk of benefit by delay of regressive metamorphosis unless such process is accompanied with something evidential of the fact something scientifically descriptive of its mode of accomplishment in the case at hand, and unless it is shown to be practically desirable for alimentation.

There can be no doubt that alcohol does cause  defects  in the processes of elimination which are natural to the healthy body and which even in disease are often conservative of health.

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Sunday, June 27th, 2010




Low back pain is a usual symptom among the modern civilized people. It affects mainly the middle aged and young adults of both sexes. People who work on the chair without exercise and those who carry heavy loads regularly are prone to get this complaint. We can hardly find a person who has not suffered from back pain at least once in life. The causes of low back pain ranges from simple reasons like muscular strain to cancer of the spine and hence backache should not be ignored. The pain is felt in lumbar and sacral region and may radiate to nearby sites.


The following are some causes for backache.


1) Backache due to diseases in the back.


2) Backache due to gynecological problems.


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3) Backache due to problems in other parts of the body.



1) Backache due to diseases in the back:–


a) Injuries:-


     1) Compression fracture of the vertebral column.

     2) Rupture of intervertebral discs.

     3) Injuries to ligaments and muscles of back.

     4) Lumbosacral strain.

     5) Intervertebral joint injuries. 

     6) Fracture of processes of vertebra.


b) Functional backache due to imbalance:-


     1) During pregnancy.

     2) Pot belly.

     3) Diseases of the hip joint.

     4) Curvature in the spine due to congenital defect.

     5) Short leg in one side.


c) Backache due to inflammatory conditions:-


     1) Infection of the bone due to bacteria.

     2) Tuberculosis of the spine.

     3) Arthritis.

     4) Brucellosis.

     can you buy clomid over the counter 5) Lumbago or fibrositis.

     6) Inflammation of the muscles.

     7) Anchylosing spondylitis.


d) Backache due to degenerative diseases in the back.


     1) Osteoarthritis.

     2) Osteoporosis in old people.

     3) Degeneration of the intervertebral disc.


e) Tumor in the spine:–


     1) Primary tumor of the bones in the spine.

     2) Metastatic tumors from other sites like prostate, lungs, kidneys, intestine etc.


2) Backache due to gynecological problems:-


     a) After childbirth.

     b) After gynecological operations.

     c) Prolapse of the uterus.

     d) Pelvic inflammatory diseases.

     e) Cancerous lesions of the pelvic organs.

     f) Endometriosis.


3) Backache due to problems in other parts of the body.


     a) Renal stones.

     b) Ureteric stone.

     c) Cancer of prostate.

     d) Pancreatitis.

     e) Biliary stones.

     f) Peptic ulcer.

     g) Inflammations of pelvic organs.

     h) Occlusion of aorta and iliac arteries.



Investigation of a case of backache:-


1) Complete blood count.


2) Routine urine examination.


3) Ultrasonography of the abdomen and pelvis.


4) X-ray of the lumbar and sacral region.


5) MRI of the spine.


5) CT scan of abdomen and pelvic region.


6) Examination finasteride propecia of rectum, prostate, genito-urinary organs.



Treatment of back ache:-


1) Removing the cause for backache.


2) Symptomatic treatment.


2) Back exercises.


3) Traction.


3) Yoga.


5) Surgery.


7) Homoeopathy.


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