Side Effects of Chemotherapy

By chemotherapy one generally refers to the drug combinations prescribed for the treatment of cancer or tumors. But while following this treatment or so-called therapy, the patient may have to deal with several side effects of chemotherapy.

Hair loss or alopecia makes the most visible of the side effects of chemotherapy although it is false to assume that someone suffering from thinning hair or alopecia is necessarily ill with cancer. Why does hair loss appear to begin with? Well, chemotherapy consists of a treatment relying on chemicals that are meant either order kamagra to inhibit or kill the cells that can you buy clomid online grow or replicate too fast.

Even if only cancer should be eliminated, it has been impossible so far to target only the cancerous cells; in the present conditions all rapidly growing tissues will be destroyed. buy generic propecia Thus, besides hair loss, other side effects of chemotherapy administration include skin decay and digestive problems, because both hair and soft membranes are constantly renewing themselves.

Even if these represent the side effects of chemotherapy that most of us know something about, few really have a clue about the temporary nature of such side effects. Alopecia stops once the treatment is over. After a while, hair will start growing back but its texture and color may be a bit different from what you were used to having before.

True, there are westernunion pretty many side effects of chemotherapy and researchers have been doing their best to find ways of preventing them from happening or at least reducing them. You can prevent hair loss for instance by putting some cold compresses on the scalp and thus reduce the blood circulation in the area. As a result, the blood will carry less drug to the hair follicles and hair loss will be diminished although not completely stopped.

All in all, side effects of chemotherapy remain numerous and scientists do their best to discover ways to reduce them. Even if one solution to preventing side effects from appearing is available, the same solution may not work for another drug that leads to the same problem. The same goes for hair loss; the cold cap may have the wanted effect of doing away with alopecia only in the case of certain drugs, but it may not work with some other ones.

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