Understanding the Anti-inflammatory Diet

There is a diet that is increasing in popularity these days. It’s called the anti-inflammatory diet. Essentially, what the diet says is that all of the foods we consume are naturally either pro inflammatory or anti-inflammatory, meaning that they either increase the body’s inflammation response or else decrease it.

The diet claims that as we move further and further in this modern era, more of food we eat are very processed and contain artificial ingredients and fillers. This can cause the body to be on the alert, so to speak, and can increase both the inflammation reaction as well as the allergic response. This makes me especially sceptical of artificial sweeteners, particularly sucralose, not only for the normal sucralose dangers but also for the accumulative pro inflammatory reaction.

The anti-inflammatory diet is composed of eating anti-inflammatory herbs and foods in an effort to scale back the body’s inflammation and allergic reactions. There are a large amount of inflammatory conditions that are rising nowadays, the most typical of which is arthritis. The anti-inflammatory diet is supposed to be especially effective for persons suffering from certain kinds of arthritis.

So how does someone know which foods are pro inflammatory and what foods are anti inflammatory? One answer is that there are lists of all the anti inflammatory herbs and foods out there and how each has effects on the body. Another answer is that, generally speaking, foods that are closer to their natural state will generally be more anti-inflammatory than foods that are heavily processed and refined.

This means that things like junk food, snacks, and sodas are all rather high up on the pro inflammatory foods list. If you find that you suffer from the pain of inflammation or from other kinds of inflammatory ailments, you might want to read more into the anti inflammatory diet. It may not fully answer the problem, but it can help you eat a better diet, both in terms of nutritional value as well as in terms of inflammation.

Anti inflammatory herbs aren’t only flavorful, they’ve been providing positive benefits to man for thousands of years. If you’re a sufferer of arthritis be wary of the so-called miracle drugs out there like artrosilium.

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