Dentist In Charlotte Debate 10 New Dental Technical Advances Worth Checking Out

Dentistry offers care options that were simply not available 27 to 71 years ago; in some cases, old technology has additionally been improved. These and other treatment/diagnostic options are helping to reduce treatment time (in some cases, drastically), reduce over-all cost, and make oral care pleasanter/convenient for everyone. Some of the thrilling new technologies this work temporarily delves into include

Intraoral Cameras: Although these devices have been known since the 0:s, intraoral cameras (which look just like real thick pens) can X-ray the exterior of gums and teeth. They can let procedures be seen on a screen and provide photographs instantly which can on occasion be viewed/saved for subsequent use (thus not wanting processing like regular X-rays)

Laser Cavity Detection: Due to the heavy use of fluoride (which hardens outer enamel), it has become more difficult to identify cavities within the teeth. This laser technology nevertheless , gives dentists an option that can by-pass potential obstacles (e.g, toughened enamel)

Dental Surgery: Your family dentist in Charlotte can now use the same technology that surgeons in other specialties (e.g, neurology) have been using for a while. Dental micro-surgery grants the dentist to see more obviously what has to be done and how procedures are progressing, thus shaving the time required for surgical and other intricate dental treatments

Digital Radiography: Old Xray technology needed the utilization of special film for imaging which was exasperating and expensive; the usage of digital radiography nevertheless , implies that images can now be securely/effectively saved and, if always, manipulated without losing the integrity of the original image. This technology is also cheaper, according to a :

Oraqix: This alternative choice to stuff like needle-applied anesthesia is great news for those who fear the pain of sedation application. Made up of lidocaine and prilocaine, this is is a safe and non-anxiety-creating sedation alternative.

Cephalometric or CEPH X-rays: These extraoral X-rays are often used by orthodontists to have a look for/diagnose jaw/teeth misalignment, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues, impacted teeth, sleep apnea cause (s), for example. These are similar to Panorex X-rays and can provide imaging of entire skull.

Waterlase: Charlotte dentist Put simply Waterlase can do many of the things which only a drill could achieve. Waterlase nevertheless , can do it with less intimidation and discomfort (to the patient), better and with less damage to surrounding excellent teeth.

Endolase: This fairly new technology permits dentists to use lasers to both clean teeth and perform the essential work on root canals. This system effectively loses bacteria often taking a lot less time than other strategies/tools.

CEREC or Chairside Cost-effective Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic: These systems are making it possible for dentists to provide restorations (i.e, dental veneer and crowns) and fillings right at their office without the necessity to send anything to another location; this clobber cuts back on the time require and the expenses concerned during the procedure.
PC Imaging for Dental Crowns: It was that when it came to restorative and cosmetic procedures, it was not possible (except with the use of the imagination) to forecast exactly how, for instance, dental crowns would look. With the use of computer imaging nonetheless , dentists can now give patients and before/after look of dental crown work even before the work takes place. This allows for better planning of such processes.


These new technical tools and systems, claims the Top :, are changing oral hygiene for good. They are making beneficial effects while at the very same time reducing treatment time, costs and security worries.

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