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Personal Growth Is Engineered, Not Experienced: Design Your Plan

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

Personal development may seem like a challenging or even taboo subject. However, do not feel ashamed for admitting that you want to work on your personal development. Everybody has weaknesses, and it takes character to want to develop your weaknesses into strengths. This article will guide you in starting a path towards self development!

Determine why you engage in negative activities. Do you smoke because you feel the need to do something with your hands when in an uncomfortable situation or because you need the nicotine high? Do you eat too much because you are bored or lonely? Determine the reason for these behaviors and you are more likely to successfully address them.

Personal development also means being thankful for what you do have. Be gracious for the wonderful things in your life, and use this knowledge to propel yourself to your goals. The support systems you already have in place offer several venues to continue to work on your self-confidence.

You should start each year with writing a list of things that you would like to accomplish throughout the year. Include things that will require work to get done, but also things that are fun like a vacation. By keeping a list you will be able to see all the goals you have for the year which will help you keep it in focus to help get it all done.

Keep yourself away from negativity. Negativity can come through the news, movies, TV shows and people. It will bring you down and slow your personal development progress. Your goals will be much more attainable if you stay positive. Find people and do things that will help you reach your personal development goals.

For those of us who are gamers, organization is also important. You need to keep your entertainment area clear and organized. Cluttered entertainment areas can actually be hazards that can make you fall or cause electrical shocks. Keep your cords and systems organized, don’t leave the cords out for people yo fall over. Likewise, with controllers. Keep your games in one area, preferably drawers or cabinets. Most importantly, make sure that you don’t have overloaded outlets.

Be grateful for what you already have! This will help you grow as a person. Many people look forward to a fixed point in the future as the time when they will be happy. The truth is that you’ve got to start today! Don’t put it off! Today, you are grateful for what? This makes you happy!

Set goals for yourself and strive to reach them. These can be simple things like keeping a houseplant alive longer than you have in the past. Take the time to celebrate all of the things that you accomplish. Celebrating will be your inspiration to reach the next goal that you set for yourself.

Relationships are essential in living a healthy life and they are the bonds that weave our emotions and satisfy our hearts. Family relationships, friendships, and a significant other are all vital parts of a person’s well being.

As was stated in the beginning of this article, utilizing self-help strategies and techniques can help you to improve who you are as a person, increase levels of happiness in your life and allow you to live the life that you have always dreamed of. Apply the self-help advice contained in this article and you will be on your way to becoming a better person.

Proven Advice For Successful Personal Development Plans

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

Need a bit more to go on in your quest for personal development? Not sure what is really involved in personal development? You aren’t alone as countless people are in the dark about what personal development is and how it really helps you to be happier in life. These tips are perfect for giving you a heads up about what to expect.

Personal development always starts from within. If you are trying to improve yourself for a friend or loved one you are almost certainly doomed to failure. Everything you are doing should be first and foremost for yourself. If you can remind yourself of this it will be much easier to stay motivated in the difficult times.

Dreams about who you want to become or what you want to do are great. Dreams need to be manifested into desires, however, in order to be fulfilled. Dreams are in the mind, and when they are manifested into desires, they become desires of your heart. This is where dreams come true.

Make a list of your strongest qualities and most desirable traits, then pick one and improve upon it as much as possible. Do you enjoy teaching other people to learn new skills? Consider taking non-credit courses or attending seminars that can teach you how to become a more effective leader and communicator.

An important way that many people develop in life is to read educational material. Reading can help us learn while providing enjoyment. Often times there are also self-help books that will help us have desire to improve our lives and search for ways to be a better person. Instead of watching TV or surfing the internet, try reading a book and see how much you can grow.

Being too hard on yourself is a sure fire way of going through life the hard way. We are all human, and just as overcorrecting a child will cause them to withdraw or focus on the fear of failure, being hard on yourself will discourage you! You need to encourage yourself in as many ways as possible to keep you on a positive and productive path.

A great self help tip to help you change your life is to start drinking coffee. Drinking coffee can help lift your mood, and it will provide you with more energy. Too much coffee can make you anxious though, so as with everything, you should drink it in moderation.

In order to make lasting progress with your personal development goals, make the choice to make a habit of your new and better way of living. Habits are very hard to break, so choose to have good habits that help you to go forward on the path to achieving your goals.

As discussed in the start of this article, living healthy is easier now than it has ever been. Take this opportunity to make yourself the best you can be. Keep abreast of the current personal development trends. Use the great information in this article to help you succeed.

Latest Developments In The Vaginal Mesh Cases

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

        A notification regarding the use of transvaginal mesh was made in 2011 by the Food and Drug Administration and since then a lot of developments have been observed. One of these developments was the move of the FDA targeted at policy changes on their post market surveillance of new products. A year after the announcement saw the first major case being decided with a verdict awarding the plaintiffs with over $ 5 million in damages.  

            The FDA issued a warning on July 13, 2011 about the complications arising from the use of transvaginal mesh devices for the treatment of SUI and POP. It further stated that there was no evidence that shows vaginal meshes were more effective than the traditional methods of treatment. Also raised by the agency and a panel made up of experts was the issue of its safety and effectiveness.

            Complaints of adverse impacts associated with the use of transvaginal mesh devices were already received by the FDA even as early as 2005 and this has doubled after the warning was made. Mesh erosion and mesh shrinkage were the major complications mentioned in the complaints which caused several problems such as chronic vaginal bleeding, severe infections, extreme pains the affected area, pain during sexual contact and a host of other side effects.  

            Another noteworthy development is the recall of certain products from the market, notably from those of Boston Scientific Corp., Ethicon, and C.R. Bard. A letter was submitted by Ethicon informing the court that four of their products were being recalled and that changes will made in the product’s usage and marketing activities. Other products like those of C.R. Bard were pulled out only recently after being asked by the FDA for clinical trials to prove its safety and effectiveness.

            Perhaps the most welcome development to the thousands of women is the promising progress in the legal front. Women suffering from complications allegedly due to these vaginal mesh devices found encouragement in the positive result of the case file by Christine Scott in California. C.R. Bard was found responsible by the jury in its verdict for the injuries Scott suffered and further stated that Bard was negligent in the handling of the devices.

The decision favoring Christine Scott is viewed by many as a precedence in the upcoming cases and important in the sense that it gives credence and validity to the claims of injuries caused by these mesh devices. This decision may have critical implications on the case scheduled to start on February 2013. Transvaginal mesh lawsuits against three other manufacturers are scheduled for December next year as announced by the U.S. District Court of West Virginia and to the many affected parties, thismight not come at a more appropriate time.




Avoid Being A Panic Attack Victim With These Tips

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Dealing with panic attacks can be frightening when you do not have the proper coping mechanisms in place. By using the tips ahead, you can find ways to be preventative in your daily activities and avoid creating anxious feelings. Knowing how to handle the negative feelings that cause attacks is as important as managing yourself during an attack.

Stay positive during a panic attack! Think about the people you love and how luck you are to have them in your life. Remember your favorite foods, or the places you love to visit, and take your mind there. Think of some awesome things that have happened to you and remember how they felt. Your attack will pass in no time!

Reducing the stress in your life can help to decrease the frequency or severity of your panic attacks. Stress stimulates the production of adrenalin and is often directly related to a panic attack. While some stress factors are uncontrollable, others can be managed, reduced or eliminated by your actions. For example, if you lead a busy lifestyle and have little free time in which to relax, learn how to say no to people who need favors or bosses who constantly want you to work overtime. Be polite yet assertive. Put your health before the needs of others for a change. It’s not being selfish ” it’s being smart.

The key to beating anxiety and panic attacks is practice! Remain determined to implement the strategies you’re learning and don’t get upset if you forget to use one or the one you choose doesn’t work. Try again! Use each strategy a few times and figure out how to build it into your life plan and move forward past your panic!

One way to beat a panic attack is to visualize yourself being outside your body watching what’s happening. Imagine watching as your body stops wheezing, or begins to calm down. This can help your body to literally react to what you see in your mind’s eye, bringing the attack to an end.

Keeping your emotions inside and not sharing them is a great way to set off panic attacks, so stop it! Try to find someone who you trust and share with them any problems you’re facing, or consider going to a therapist or counselor for help. There’s always someone to talk to!

Avoid alcohol. Alcohol is a natural depressant and disrupts the sugar levels in your blood, so it can be a trigger for panic attacks as well as making panic attacks worse. If you really want to have a drink or two, recognize how it will affect you before doing so.

If the worries that bring on your panic attack are about others not liking you, consider whether or not there is anyone on Earth who everyone truly likes. In all likelihood you won’t know a single person who has no enemies, so remember that YOU’RE not the problem, the haters are!

When you feel a panic attack coming on, write down what you are feeling at that time so that you can look back at them to assess what was really happening versus what you thought would happen. Many people have feelings of impending doom and death which is totally against what is happening in reality. When you look back on them at a later time, you can realize these thoughts were far off the situation.

Keeping your mind in the present at all times is an amazing technique for beating panic attacks. Always be conscious of what is going through your head and counteract any negative thoughts as soon as they appear. Replace them with the opposite thought, something positive about your situation, and nip them in the bud!

There will always be situations that cause stress for most people. Some are more prepared to handle these moments. When you feel that your worries are catching up with you and creating a mind-set for anxiety, try to relax and reflect on the things you have read here and find your way through calmly.

Delay Aging With These Helpful Tips

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Aging is a normal progression of life. As you age, your body may not be able to do many things that it used to do. However, it does not mean that the quality of your life has to suffer. There are many things that you can do to make sure that you enjoy your retirement years. Read the following article for some suggestions.


You must get plenty of calcium to aid in the prevention of osteoporosis. Milk, skim milk, yogurt, and low-fat cheeses can be good ways to get calcium. Broccoli contains a large amount of calcium as well as other veggies. And take your calcium supplements. Women need 1500 to 2000 mg after menopause and men after the age of 65.

Thinning hair is quite common with aging. It can happen due to medications, hereditary conditions, menopause or illness. Thinning hair can be an irritating thing to deal with and you may talk to your doctor about your options. There are many hair extensions on the market today which will hide the problem without the use of old fashioned wigs.

All women over 65 should be tested for bone density since this is the only way to diagnose osteoporosis. Some doctors recommend baseline bone density scans at menopause and at regular intervals after. Predicting fracture risk and determining rate of bone loss can help in the monitoring and prevention of osteoporosis.

Hormone Replacement

People that also want to maintain their sexual health into old age see the most natural results from hormone replacement therapy. Because estrogen and testosterone levels drop naturally and dramatically in both women and men as they age, taking drugs to restore the natural balance of those hormones is crucial to maintaining the libido.

As we age, our body decreases in hormone production, such as testosterone and estrogen. You doctor may prescribe hormone replacement therapy drugs. These drugs can cause harmful side effects, so they should be taken under physician’s supervision only.

As we age, our body decreases in hormone production, such as testosterone and estrogen. You doctor may prescribe hormone replacement therapy drugs. These drugs can cause harmful side effects, so they should be taken under physician’s supervision only.


Hormone levels can drop as you age leading to some unwanted issues. Follow up with your doctor regularly about your hormone levels through check-ups and physicals. Listen closely to the results and potential ramifications. Look for foods that will help promote production of these hormones or look for supplements from your doctor as needed.

Adding HGH supplements to your daily routine can slow down the aging process. Human growth hormones have been shown to slow down the effects of aging and even reverse it to some extent. Adding this supplement can give you many benefits including a boost in immunity, mood, stamina, and better sleep.

Have your doctor or healthcare facility check your hormone levels. Hormone levels change as people age. If your levels are too low, it can cause not only a loss in libido but also in your stamina. Doctors can add a hormone regimen to both men and women. Restoring the correct balance of hormones can make a difference in your everyday life.

{Understand hormone imbalances and be sure to treat them. As you age, many of the more difficult challenges are caused by imbalances in your hormones. This includes issues like depression, insomnia and weight increases. Go to your doctor if you are feeling off in any way and have yourself tested. Doctors can put you on a plan for supplementing your hormones.

}There may not be any mystical cure for the effects of age, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t naturally methods of combating it. With the advice in this article, you’ll be able to keep up a youthful appearance for years. Your appearance may make some people wonder if the fountain of youth exists, after all.

What You Should Know About The Symptoms Of Menopause

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Understanding the symptoms of menopause is worth the time and energy the education requires. There are a number of individuals who are content with simply guessing in regards to their health. Nevertheless, that is something you should never do.

If you aren’t aggressive in relation to your health, you run the risk of overlooking some potentially serious health problems. When you postpone finding help for a condition simply because you’re not aware of what is happening, you are putting your future in danger.

In order for you to live a healthy and happy life, you should remain proactive in every way you can. Set up a checkup with your doctor on a yearly basis. That is one of the most effective ways to ensure you will remain healthy. Also, you must don’t shy away from talking to your doctor about any kind of changes you happen to be going through. If you’re anxious about discussing specific concerns, you could take risks that might have serious results in the future. Communicating is important so speak to your doctor about health concerns as they come about.

When you are familiar with the symptoms of menopause, you’ll be able to prevent getting worried about something which is totally natural. Among the most typical symptoms that you have to be familiar with is hot flashes. These are momentary rises in your body temperature which can arise many times through the day. Whenever you go from cold to hot really suddenly, you’ll feel extremely uncomfortable. Hot flashes are one of the most common symptoms attached to menopause.

Additionally, night sweats will occur due to sudden temperature increases. When you discover that you are suddenly sweating during the night, you’ll need to take note of other problems you might have started to note. Once you take into account all of these symptoms at once, you’re going to get a really clear picture when it comes to undergoing menopause.

Yet another symptom you may observe is trouble sleeping. Having trouble getting enough rest at night will make it tough for you to get up in the morning. Consequently, you will have problems getting to work and remaining on schedule. While this might be a symptom that a lot of women overlook, it could have an effect on your life in a really significant way. A diminished sex drive is another symptom of menopause to watch out for. A lot of women additionally take note of an increase in anxiety or irritability and discover themselves urinating quite a bit more often. Not all women encounter all of these symptoms, and a few women have all of them to varying degrees.

There are plenty of natural strategies to cope with menopausal symptoms, including taking black cohosh and various other herbal remedies. It also can help to dress in layers which you can easily shed when a hot flash comes on. Taking melatonin or drinking a cup of chamomile tea prior to bed may help to ease sleep difficulties.

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How To Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

You just got your cholesterol numbers back? And now you’re wondering how to lower your cholesterol naturally?

Some people have a chance to bring their cholesterol numbers down naturally, before their doctor prescribes medication. Or some who already have a prescription in hand want to bolster the work the meds are doing and add some natural solutions, too, to really make a difference in those numbers.

Thankfully, there are several natural ways to lower cholesterol naturally, all focused on (1) eating the right foods to prevent artery plaque buildup, and (2) exercising to keep blood pumping healthfully through those arteries.

Here are some tips:

Foods to add to your day:

  • Flaxseeds — Flaxseeds have been shown to have strong cholesterol-battling properties. They add a slight nutty taste to batter, cereal, salads, and more. Be sure to use ground flaxseed instead of whole flaxseed to get the full cholesterol-fighting affects.
  • Oatmeal – Try it in the morning with some dried fruit added, or even try it as an afternoon snack with a sprinkle of cinnamon or a tiny drizzle of syrup. Oatmeal is a great superfood to help lower cholesterol. You can also add oatmeal (or oat bran for baking) to cookie dough, pancake mixes, and more. It’ll give you extra cholesterol-fighting punch!

Exercise to add to your daily activities:

  • Do push-ups or sit-ups during commercials during your favorite TV show.
  • Walk up and down a flight of stairs for 10 minutes (in your home, at the mall, in your apartment, etc.).
  • Walk your dog, or a neighbor’s dog (or both!) every day.

Visit for several more ideas on how to lower your cholesterol naturally, and swing by Lifescript’s new Cholesterol Health Center for additional tips about lowering cholesterol.

The information contained in this article is provided for informational purposes only and is not, nor is it ever intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice or professional recommendations, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician(s) or other qualified healthcare provider(s).

ADHD In Women

Friday, December 9th, 2011

For women, busy days are hectic enough, but when you are battling attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), life can seem like an absolute roller coaster. This brain disorder causes inattention, impulsive behavior and distraction – about 8%-10% of the world’s population suffers from it. About 4 million women have ADHD without knowing they do. Often it’s because they suffer silently, or brush off their ADHD issues as something else, maybe blaming it on a too-hectic lifestyle.

Patricia Quinn, a developmental pediatrician and co-founder and director of the National Center for Girls and Women with ADHD, talks about tips for women with ADHD in this article from, a women’s health resources site.

Can you outgrow it? No, says Quinn. Does it get worse?

It can and it does, Quinn says. Since fluctuating estrogen levels can affect our levels of dopamine (which, in turn, affects our reasoning and concentration), ADHD in women can worsen as women age. Most women don’t find out they have ADHD until around age 38, which corresponds to when most women’s children get diagnosed. Most women receive a diagnosis when they’re no longer able to compensate for their problems and they become overwhelmed with stress.

Is ADHD genetic?

{Yes, Quinn says}. If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, there’s a 17% to 34% chance the mom also has it, and an 18% to 38% chance the father has it.

Quinn offers many more tips to find good, local doctors (call the local university and ask where they send students for evaluation); explains why medication works best with behavior modification (while meds can improve the core symptoms, such as inattention, distractibility, impulsivity and hyperactivity, they can’t teach you new organizational skills); and gives many women hope. She also shares about her own ADHD diagnosis. Discover more on ADHD in women at and its ADHD Health Center.

The information contained in this article is provided for informational purposes only and is not, nor is it ever intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice or professional recommendations, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician(s) or other qualified healthcare provider(s).

How To Manage Osteoarthritis Symptoms

Friday, November 25th, 2011

If you suffer from osteoarthritis symptoms, a degenerative condition in the joints, doing daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, or washing dishes can be so painful it stops you in your tracks. But these chores need to be done, so what are you going to do?

Depending on where you have pain, some chores may be more difficult than others. One approach is to do the job in a way that saves effort and time. You can often find a variety of labor-saving tools at large stores such as Wal-Mart or the household aisle of your local grocery store. If you have back pain, chores like unloading and loading the dishwasher, picking up the floor, making beds and other tasks can exacerbate your pain. When doing repetitive tasks, try to avoid the “back and forth” motion of bending forward at your waist. instead use your knees to lower your body in an “up and down” motion. Leg muscles are a lot stronger than back muscles, and can take more force. Allow yourself time to complete each task slowly, taking breaks in between.

Certain chores put undue pressure on your knees, and kneeling can be very painful. You can hire someone to clean for you or live with a dirty shower, but these options are impractical. One option is to get knee pads, which are available in sports and hardware stores. Be sure to put pressure on your stronger leg to lift yourself up. Take frequent breaks and apply an ice pack or bag of frozen peas for 20 minutes to reduce inflammation. It may help to sit on a stool while doing tasks like bathing the kids, scrubbing the tub or gardening.

If you have pain in your shoulders, tasks like putting on your clothes, fixing your hair, and cooking can prove difficult. Place items in lower places for easier accessibility. Be sure to have a step stool in the kitchen to help you reduce your reach. Trade in your heavy vaccum for a lighter model that’s easier to push back and forth. Use a small push broom instead of a flat broom for sweeping.

For the full article, visit, your resource for women’s health information.

Healthy Living Tips For Women

Monday, October 24th, 2011

It’s true that “health is everything” – especially when you get up into your 30s and 40s and 50s and realize how precious good health really is. is an online magazine devoted to that precious gift of health — offering free healthy living tips for women daily, helping them live their most amazing lives whether they’re in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s or beyond.

Tips include both preventative and reactive steps you can take toward good health, including:

  • How to spot the difference between colds and allergies
  • How to get rid of belly fat
  • Natural ways to treat a variety of conditions if you’re opposed to medication
  • Tips on fertility and pregnancy
  • Advice for handling diabetes on a day-to-day basis
  • How to spot depression before it starts
  • Skin-care tips from dermatologists
  • Setting up evening routines for your best sleep possible
  • Ways to manage psoriasis, fibromyalgia, Chrohn’s Disease, heartburn, and other chronic conditions
  • Natural ways to manage stress
  • Foods to eat to help fight colds, cancer, heartburn and more
  • Which doctors to see and how to develop a health team for any condition
  • How to keep your relationships strong
  • And so much more

Lifescript also has more than 50 different condition-specific online health centers for free tips on a variety of conditions, from bipolar disorder and ADHD to hypertension and menopause.

There are also several e-newsletters to choose from, if you want specific information on diabetes, diet and fitness, or a daily dose of inspiration coming to you in your in-box. (And if you don’t, you can just explore each of those sections on your own when you visit the web site.)

Lifescript also has a helpful new Doctor Finder, which allows patients to search for a doctor to visit by specialty, condition, insurance accepted, or zip code.

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